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puce A Brief Review of various Initiatives on Charter of Human Responsibilities in Nepal - 2010
puce Report 2009
puce Other Worlds are Possible: Human progress in an age of climate change
puce The International Congress of Bogota: Focus on the Charter of Human Responsibilities
puce Annual Report 2005 - perspectives 2006
puce Annual Report 2004 - Prospects 2005
puce Building the Network of Human Responsibilities in Chile (2005-07)
puce 2007 – A step Beyond the Indian Soil - Journey of Charter
puce Columbia 2007: A Series of Workshops and Working Papers
puce Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy
puce Difficult conditions in Lebanon in 2007
puce 2007: Indian Schools, Academics, Universities, and the CHR
puce 2007 - The Media, Eminent Personalities, and the CHR
puce 2007 - The CHR beyond India: International Conferences
puce 2007: The CHR in Environmental Education, India
puce 2007: NGOs, Movements, and the CHR
puce 2007: Indian Legal Professionals and the CHR
puce Networks, Alliances and Citizen Responsibility in Brazil in 2007
puce Conjugating the Charter in West Africa
puce Annual Report 2007 - Plans 2008/9
puce Report on Asian Solidarity Economy Meeting
puce News Update from New Zealand and the Liquid Continent
puce Meeting 7-11 October 2006 - Cape Town, South Africa
puce Seven lessons learned from the Charter of Human Responsibilities’ process in Colombia in 2006
puce 2006: Philosophical Reflections and Exchanges between China and Korea
puce Reflection on the Charter and governance, Oceania, 2005
puce 2005, in the Philippines: Video, camps, workshops, local actions...
puce Diffusion in the medias (Colombia, 2005)
puce 2006/7: Diffusion of the Charter in the US and Regional Partnership
puce 2005: a Team, Tools and a Network
puce For a topical approach in West Africa
puce Lebanon, 2005: Tools, Diffusion and Debates
puce Lebanon in 2005, illustration of citizens responsibility
puce 2005: Difusing the Charter in the local languages of Ouest Africa
puce 2005: New Fields of Activities for the Charter in India
puce 2003, 2004 : A facilitation Committee was born in Chile
puce 2005: Diffusing the initiative in China and Asia
puce Methodology and strategy of the Chinese team in 2004
puce Translation and diffusion of the Charter in Lebanon in 2004
puce 2004 in Brazil: launching local and national programs
puce 2004: A Diversified approach to diffuse the Charter in India



Documentary resource

puce Responsible governance of Watersheds
puce Youth Charter of Responsibilities on Environment, IIIrd National Conference, Brasilia
puce Workshop on Values and Responsibilities
puce United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - Climate Change
puce The Other CO2 Problem
puce What we know What we do not know And how we try to better understand global change
puce Ecuadorian constitution gives rights to nature
puce Methodological booklet for action and reflection on the Charter
puce A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq
puce Defining the Concept of Responsibility
puce Global Corporate Social Responsibility Proposed for 21st Century
puce Using the Charter of Human Responsibilities for Sustainability Education
puce Internal discussions
puce Notas para la Reflexión de las Responsabilidades frente a la Integración Latino-Americana
puce “Poverty as a violation of human rights”: a liberating force. What is at stake? What are the prospects?
puce Second National Children and Youth Conference for the Environment - Process and Outcome
puce Presentation of a proposal of Charter of Human Responsibilities
puce Charter of Responsibilities “LET’S TAKE CARE OF BRAZIL”
puce Listening to the Charter
puce Law, Governance and Sustainable Development. Preliminary reflections
puce Bibliography
puce Spirituality and Human Responsibility, Chile.
puce Newsletter: RESPONSABILIDAD
puce Reflections on the Charter of Human Responsibilities
puce The Video Documentary – Iraya Mangyan: Responses to the Challenges of the Times
puce Report on Activities in the Video Production and Charter Dissemination
puce How can enterprises exercise their responsibility
puce Activities in 2004 and results
puce A Library of Human Responsibilities
puce Code of Ethics, by Sanlakas-Quezon City
puce Laying the Groundwork
puce Writing
puce 2004: A Diversified approach to diffuse the Charter in India



puce What Responsibility Do Georgians and Armenians Have in Common?
puce Reflection on the Asian Citizens Assembly: Our Commonalities and Shared Responsibilities
puce Symposium on "CHR to Promote the Culture of Responsibilities in Nepal"
puce Social Forums and People’s Assemblies in the USA
puce Unitarian Universalist Congregation considers “Our Responsibility for Water”
puce The Philippine process to the CONFINT
puce Tibetan Film Festival 2009, Bangalore (4th &5th July 2009)
puce The International Congress of Bogota: Focus on the Charter of Human Responsibilities
puce US Film Festivals Raise Awareness, Mobilize Action on Our Responsibility for Water
puce Global Citizen’s Climate Change and Water Film Festival to Visit Nine US Campuses
puce Detailed Presentation of the process
puce Invitation - Art Exhibition
puce Outcome Meeting - International Charter Committee
puce Indian Youth Intercultural Exposure visit to Brazil
puce Youth Conference on Environment - General Presentation
puce Learning Journey: Responsibilities Build a Solidarity Economy
puce Y Acts! Youth Festival 2008!
puce Address of Tbilisi State University to the European and US Universities
puce The New Dimension of Responsibility
puce Climate Change, Sustainability & Equity: a Civil Society approach
puce Youth voicing for Climate Change, G8 Summit - Japan
puce A forum-workshop to share experiences on the subject of responsibility
puce Presentation of the Charter to Colombian officers, May 2008
puce Workshop on "Intergenerational Partnerships for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation"
puce Energy & Responsibility: a challenge for the 21st century
puce Senegalese children bring song to the Charter and children’s rights
puce Charter of Human Responsibilities as Foundation of Solidarity Economy
puce Horlicks wizkids Workshop–Report -2007
puce Report on Asian Solidarity Economy Meeting
puce Conservation Roundtable Conference, ALOTOAU, PNG
puce Asian Environmental Film Festival Makes Waves
puce Forever Young, Forever Green
puce Y Acts! Youth Festival 2008!
puce Members of the Indian Charter team in the Philippines
puce Youth Festival 2006: Weaving Responsibilities to Respond to the Challenges of the Times
puce Youth Festival 2006: an event to promote the concept and practice of responsibility among the youth
puce ONE DEGREE ASIA Youth Conference - 24-29 July 2006, Singapore
puce India’s largest literary and cultural inter school festival
puce 2nd World Forum on Human Rights


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