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For a Charter of Responsibilities of the Surfers

por Isis de PALMA
Temas fortes ligados: Meio ambiente e responsabilidade .
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ECOSURFI, a Brazilian surfers NGO for the protection of environment

A network of youths from the coast of São Paulo - Brazil, facilitates Ecosurfi, an NGO that works on Environmental Education, inspired by the sports activity of surfing and all its relationship with environment. They have created a blog to build the Charter of Responsibilities of the Surfers.

To begin the work with the Charter of Human Responsibilities the youth have created a Web page (www.surfsustentavel.blogspot.com) that brings information on the Charter and invites to participation. They show great interest in working with the CHR and are proposing new forms of involving youth related to surf for Brazil and for the world, since oceans don’t have borders.
Ecosurfi’s youths are led by their director João Malavolta.
They have created a forum to discuss a possible construction of a Charter of Responsibility for surf, through Alliance of Surfers for Environment and Culture of Peace.

Those young people propose a dialogue with the Brazilian committee with a view to be in harmony with the International Committee.

João Malavolta
CJ Caiçara l REJUMA
Tel: 55 13 9751 0332
Skype: joaomalavolta
Twitter: http://twitter.com/joaomalavolta

Visit the Blog: www.ecobservatorio.blogspot.com

Participate to Ecosurfi Group: http://groups.google.com/group/ecosurfi

“Being Men of the Sea, the Surfers owe focus a continuous search for the beaches, seas and oceans protection in all our Planet" (ECOSURFI).


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