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Atividades globales

Os artigos nesta seção não são traduzidos ainda, você podem lê-los em inglês.

World Social Forum: listening and discussing on responsibilities por Lydia NICOLLET, 27 de julho de 2005

A group of members of the Charter regional Committees along with partners were in Porto Alegre, Brazil, at the 2005 Word Social Forum. We were there to listen, participate to workshops and for some to facilitate them, to discuss on the Charter of Human Responsibilities and diffuse it. The workshops have been an opportunity to introduce the ongoing process of the Charter, to allow a debate on (...)

2nd World Forum on Human Rights por Gustavo MARIN, Lydia NICOLLET, 24 de julho de 2006

Share knowledge, creating networks, promoting good practices, linking the notion of human rights with the one of responsibilities

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