Publicado em 24 de outubro de 2005
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Spirituality and Human Responsibility, Chile.

The cosmovision of the native peoples facing the commercial society, the value of solidarity confronted to the inhuman current individualism, the role of the classic ideologies are vigorously described here in essays and articles of great lucidity. This book gathers texts from several Chilean authors approaching spirituality in times of globalization related to an indoamerican and Latin American perspective, insisting on the oppressive influence of economy in a modern society. The first half of the book proposes an exhaustive and critical review of the theological bases of the commercial society and the private property opposed to the notions of human society and collective rights. From that view they revise Adam Smith puritan philosophy, John Locke, the role of the Calvinist religion, and conclude on the importance of their concepts in the cultural conceptualization of the notion of human responsibility. The second part of the book approaches and emphasizes the indigenous cosmovisión and the religiosity originated from Aimara and Mapuche peoples as a source of wisdom in the relationship with the nature and with a historical critic to the limited and discriminant space offered by the totalitarian ideologies.

(More details in the Spanish version)


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