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puce Military, Democracy and Responsibility
Meeting with military in Santiago de Chile, October 2005: toward an Alliance for Peace.

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Os artigos nesta seção não são traduzidos ainda, você podem lê-los em inglês.

The Youth Charter of Responsibilities on the Environment - Chile , 7 de janeiro de 2010

The Charter of Responsibilities of the Children of Chile to the Environment and Climate Change has been finalized, drafted from the logs of the National Conference of Children of Chile "Let’s Take Care of Chile" carried out in Santiago de Chile this past December 16 (International Confint Brasilia 2010). For a detailed report on all the CONFINT Chile process toward the international CONFINT (...)

The Chilean society doesn’t see the blinds por Carlos RIVERA, 14 de dezembro de 2006

Una joven no vidente adhiere a la Carta y la traduce al sistema Braille

Michelle… por Gustavo MARIN, 12 de abril de 2006

The election of Michelle Bachelet as President of Chile on 15 January 2006 constitutes a fact of historical significance that goes beyond political and institutional factors. Indeed, factors of an ethical and anthropological nature were fundamental to her election, demonstrating therefore that taking them into account is essential to better understanding the underlying logic of governance (...)

Members of the Regional Facilitation Committe , 10 de janeiro de 2005

Members of the Regional Facilitation Committee Coordinator : Carlos Liberona. Maria Elba Campos Graciela Huinao Luis Weinstein Renato Espoz Santiago Aguilar Andres Monares Teresa Lastra, Manuel Ahumada . Contact : Carlos Liberona corayun fRa hotmail.com

Partners por Carlos LIBERONA, 10 de janeiro de 2005

List of Persons that support the Charter - first network of the Charter in the Country.

Objectives por Carlos LIBERONA, 10 de janeiro de 2005

Due to a limited budget, we did not try to reach directly an international public but first focused our effort on very targeted groups, capable of assuming the development of the Charter seeds and we postponed the edition of the Charter in other languages as well as the video until the beginning of next year. The emphases we have selected correspond to the original project, they are reduced (...)

Methodology por Carlos LIBERONA, 10 de janeiro de 2005

We insist on the fact that we have used participative methodologies in the meetings, seminars and workshops. We guaranty that all can express themselves and all participate. The Charter is discussed according to the geographical and sectoral interest, and we try, with these actions, to build up the roots of a network, and, starting from their own background, to help people enlarging their (...)

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