Reflections about Human Responsibilities

Os artigos nesta seção não são traduzidos ainda, você podem lê-los em inglês.

Evangelical protestants, Ethics and Human Responsibility por Carlos RIVERA, 30 de junho de 2006

Chilean evangelical pastors and laymen give their view on the paper and participation of their church in the present society and the responsibility that is incumbent on them as Christians. (the whole text is in Spanish only)

Women and the Charter of Human Responsibilities por Carlos RIVERA, 19 de junho de 2006

A detailed presentation of the book exists in Spanish

Experience and Dialogs on the Charter of Human Responsibilities: Ethics, Responsibilities and Justice por Carlos LIBERONA, 19 de junho de 2006

In the insistent efforts to develop a proposal to humanize the planet and the country, the Charter of Human Responsibilities meeting allowed us to truly envision a NEW PILLAR FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A WORLD IN SOLIDARITY. The Charter, along with the Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter, confirmed our need to work on building a Culture of Human Responsibilities. We need to (...)

Spirituality and Human Responsibility, Chile. , 24 de outubro de 2005

Publication - presentation of a book published in Chile in Spanish.

Reflections on the Charter of Human Responsibilities por Carlos RIVERA, 10 de setembro de 2005


Aware Responsibility, Unconscious Irresponsibility, Chile. por Carlos RIVERA, 17 de abril de 2005

A Chilean journalist describes the critical state of the individual and social responsibilities in today’s society of Chile from the individuals behaviour. (The whole document only exists in the Spanish version of this article)

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