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Os artigos nesta seção não são traduzidos ainda, você podem lê-los em inglês.

Building the Network of Human Responsibilities in Chile (2005-07) por Carlos LIBERONA, 30 de maio de 2008

General Framework When we made our proposal, we emphasized the uptrend in the direction of change in South America and the strengthening of unity and cooperation trends. We spoke of a continent in a ferment and of the force of social initiatives. These trends have grown stronger and we believe that today at least three or four trends need to be taken into consideration: 1st: The USA’s (...)

School of Multiversity - initiative activities 2006 por Carlos RIVERA, 30 de junho de 2006

The idea to share knowledge and techniques is present in many experiences of self-managed training that fit in the concept of popular education, but what differentiates the school of multiversity to other initiatives? (the whole text is in Spanish only)

Orientations in 2005 por Carlos LIBERONA, 6 de abril de 2005

First scenario : In Chile the strong sector is the Academic Sector, there are 56 academics actively committed with the Charter, elaborating reflections, we are to publish three books (one of a mathematician, another of women and that of the religions). In the publications is involved a very important sector of our intellectuals (of course intellectuals from the third world) but not for it (...)

2003, 2004 : A facilitation Committee was born in Chile por Carlos LIBERONA, 10 de janeiro de 2005

Activities, first steps - We started developing the programme in Chile in October 2003, given that it is very difficult to begin in January, which corresponds to a period when activities stop rather than start. (...)

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