Publicado em 6 de abril de 2005
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Orientations in 2005

First scenario : In Chile the strong sector is the Academic Sector, there are 56 academics actively committed with the Charter, elaborating reflections, we are to publish three books (one of a mathematician, another of women and that of the religions). In the publications is involved a very important sector of our intellectuals (of course intellectuals from the third world) but not for it of little quality: in the book Spirituality, there is the Jesuit Theologian more outstanding of these times on Indigenous philosophy, an economist of great prestige and some philosophers, very respected.

Our second scenario is on Art and Culture:. Here the growth has been very big, surprisingly big, we will evaluate it in a meeting of Artists with the Charter. As we know Chile has had a couple, or more than a couple, of people in the art, of importance.

The third growth is in Religions, Lutherans, Catholic, Ba hai, Methodists, Muslims and we begin to prepare a parliament on religions and the Charter that will demand to prepare thesis, analysis, reports, a great work so that it is developed seriously.

The fourth space is the Native and Indigenous Peoples that are preparing a manifesto of adhesion to the Charter, later come the Youths, the Professionals, and at the end regrettably the Farmers.


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