Publicado em 2 de setembro de 2008
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Learning Journey: Responsibilities Build a Solidarity Economy

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The Charter of Human Responsibilities Philippine Facilitation Team spearheaded a series of workshops dubbed "Learning Journey: Responsibilities Build a Solidarity Economy". This is a continuity of the Asian Forum on Solidarity Economy held October 17-20, 2008. Objectives of this Learning Journey on responsibilities and solidarity economy are 1) to come up with Practical Guidelines on Exercising Responsibilities among different sectors towards building a solidarity economy, and 2) to promote the Charter of Human Responsibilities.

The series started last August 30, 2008 with a workshop of three sectors - agricultural producers, vendors and consumers. 30 participants came together to brainstorm on the sector’s understanding of solidarity economy, the responsibilities they should exercise as a sector in building solidarity economy, the responsibilities they expect from other sectors, and governance practices within solidarity economy organizations. The workshop was held in the Bulwagang Tandang Sora, College of Social Work and Community Development, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

Other sectors are slated to come together for other workshops, including entrepreneurs, micro-finance institutions, bankers, self-help groups, workers, small craftspeople, overseas Filipino workers, youth, and women. The Learning Journey workshop-series shall culminate in a Learning Journey General Forum to present to all participants the draft output before finalizing this. The final form shall be a primer embodying the Guidelines on Exercising Responsibilities toward Building a Solidarity Economy. Target completion date is August 2009.


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