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Youth voicing for Climate Change, G8 Summit - Japan , 18 de julho de 2008

Youth voicing their strong opinion for Climate Change and Sustainable Development at G8 Summit in Japan The G8 (Group of Eight) Summit is being held in Hokkaido, Japan in July 2008. Japan Youth G8 (JYG8) invited more than 100 youth activists and organizations around the world to participate in an international youth forum between 27th June - 30t June 2008 where they discussed the world’s (...)

Global Citizens’ Climate Change and Water Film Festival , 2 de junho de 2008

Organizers Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (Bangalore, India), Beijing Eco-Group, (Beijing, China), China-India Forum and Asian Citizens Alliance Supporting Organizations Polis – International Network in Environmental Education (Greece), Charter of Human Responsibilities (US), Response Trust (New Zealand) and Pacific Asia Research Center (Japan) Water Concerns Water is (...)

Film festival on Environment - from the Philippines to the Asian Region , 27 de outubro de 2007

Asian Film Festival on the Environment Philippines, 9th - 16th October, 2007 The Charter of Human Responsibilities Facilitation Teams of the Philippines and India have organised, jointly with the World Youth Water Alliance (WYWA, an organisation inspired by the CHR) the "Asian Film Festival on the Environment" between 9th October - 16th October 2007, along with local partners like Buklod (...)

China-India Forum, a cross-cultural platform for dialogue , 12 de setembro de 2007

The China-India Forum is a platform for cross-cultural dialogue and action working towards a responsible, plural and harmonious society in the interest of both the countries. The China-India Forum recognizes that youth both as key agents and target groups have a unique and vital contribution in promoting a new paradigm of cultural diversity, cross-cultural dialogue and sustainable (...)

Green Youth Ambassadors: An Initiative of the World Youth Foundation , 20 de novembro de 2006

More than 80 youths from different parts of the world gathered for an International Youth Conference on Environment and Disaster Risk Management organised by the World Youth Foundation, Malaysia, in cooperation with UNEP, in August 2006. I had the opportunity to share and discuss about the Charter of Human Responsibilities and challenge my fellow delegates on the positive role and (...)

ONE DEGREE ASIA Youth Conference - 24-29 July 2006, Singapore , 12 de setembro de 2006

Over 270 delegates from 14 different countries gathered to meet and hear 68 speakers from over 60 organizations such as Oxfam, The World Bank, Ashoka Foundation and many more. One Degree Asia was a gathering of social change makers all across Asia in Singapore for the first-ever Asian Youth Leadership Festival. I had the privilege to represent the Charter of Human Responsibilities as a South (...)

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