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Publication: "Interpretation of Contemporary Civilizations and the Charter of Human Responsibilities" por Zhao YIFENG, 19 de junho de 2006

This book was edited and published in Chinese in 2006, with 2000 copies in circulation. It collects articles from 26 authors on the Charter and the text of the Charter itself. Such a book explains the meaning of the profound concerns of the Charter. The book is to be broadly distributed in the book market. Content of the book Preface Rethinking in A New Stage of Human Civilization – Zhao (...)

Partner Members of the Chinese Charter Facilitation Committee por Zhao YIFENG, 12 de abril de 2005

Accademic sector: Zhao Yifeng, Professor, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin, China. Dong Xiaochuan, Professor, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin, China. Professor Dong is a well-known scholar in the area of comparative studies of religions and cultures. He is an active member in organization of seminars. Zhou Gonggu, Professor, Northeast Normal University, (...)

Challenges: indifference and misunderstanding por Zhao YIFENG, 4 de janeiro de 2005

Indifference Although many people responded seriously, more people seem apparently not attracted by the presentation of the Charter. The main reason of this phenomenon is that most people are busy in China for more material objectives. Working people have to work hard making their living; the middle class, which is a new but important social group, is much concentrated to its brighter (...)

Methodology and strategy of the Chinese team in 2004 por Zhao YIFENG, 4 de janeiro de 2005

As reflected in the description of our activities, we followed our original working plan with the intellectuals as a key social group. The first step has produced a fine translation of the Charter. We indeed felt that the translation of the text was very important. All the further work has been based upon a fine version of the Charter itself. Meetings and seminars are the best and most (...)

Objectives por Zhao YIFENG, 4 de janeiro de 2005

For budget reasons, we had to first focus on a few essential short term objectives, while the general orientation is much wider. We are already preparing the way to achieve the middle and long term objectives. Short term objectives Translating the Charter into Chinese, with the purpose to "convey its content and meaning in a way suitable to Chinese cultural context" and "transmit the main (...)

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