Women and responsibility

Os artigos nesta seção não são traduzidos ainda, você podem lê-los em inglês.

A Feminine approach to individual/society interactions por Sudha REDDY, 12 de dezembro de 2006

An economy at the service of the society. What relationships between Individual and Society? V International Conference PEKEA (Political and Ethical Knowledge on Economic Activities), Dakar, 1 - 3 Dec. 2006. Session on The Woman approach to Individual-Society Interactions

Women empowerment por Sudha REDDY, 6 de abril de 2005

The Women workshop Based on the methodology and strategies we had defined, in September we initiated leadership training workshops for women, keeping the principles of the Charter as the core values of a democratic leadership. To begin with, we held workshops for 250 literate and illiterate women belonging to various castes, religious and linguistic communities. It was an edifying (...)

Village Women Exercise their Understanding of the Charter Principles in the Local Self-government (Panchayat) Election por Sudha REDDY, 19 de março de 2005

Disseminating the principles of the Charter of Human Responsibilities has indeed been a challenging task, especially in the Indian context where the term ‘responsibility’ takes on different connotations. Our first hurdle was to rework the language and even modify it after discussion with groups of people. Here I am going to talk about how this was done with one group. That of democratic (...)

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