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ONE DEGREE ASIA Youth Conference - 24-29 July 2006, Singapore

Over 270 delegates from 14 different countries gathered to meet and hear 68 speakers from over 60 organizations such as Oxfam, The World Bank, Ashoka Foundation and many more. One Degree Asia was a gathering of social change makers all across Asia in Singapore for the first-ever Asian Youth Leadership Festival.

I had the privilege to represent the Charter of Human Responsibilities as a South Asia Youth Coordinator as both a delegate and a speaker, and was selected to play a lead role in this group which will be a challenging task.

Various activities throughout the world about the Charter of Human Responsibilities were discussed with most of the participants.

This was an opportunity to build partnership with young people all over Asia. For instance, more than 15 delegates from Philippines would like to join us, being particularly interested in our ongoing activity here in India “Charter and Wizkids” (more details about this event: India’s largest literary and cultural inter school festival.

On the final day, I made a presentation to the fellow delegates on the theme: Inter-religious conflict resolution. It was well received by 40 participants who attended the meeting. I concluded with an interactive discussion on what are the responsibilities of the youth to resolve such conflicts.

Many friends at this conference agreed that the notion of Responsibility is some how missing in the Social Development sector and there is more focus on Rights. In our many discussions, we also planned to form an Asian Youth Forum of the Charter of Human Responsibilities to disseminate and promote the Charter, which I could facilitate.

The active participation of youth to promote and disseminate the Charter was also felt during the International UNEP TUNZA Conference, which I attended in November 2005 at Bangalore.
All these activities wouldn’t exist without the continuous support and encouragement of Sudha Reddy, the facilitator of the Regional Charter Committee for India, to youngsters like me.

I would like to thank Melissa Kwee and Martin Tan for their continuous support and encouragement and inviting me to the One Degree Asia Conference and igniting my spirit once again. After the conference, I am now Officially the point person for South India One Degree. This means I will be in touch with various schools and organizations in South India about One Degree and moreover, participating in a few virtual discussions on the programming direction and strategy for One Degree as they progress into the future.

For more information on ONE DEGREE ASIA, you can visit their Web site www.onedegreeasia.org.


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