Publicado em 8 de março de 2010
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Calling for collaboration: creating educational material

por Yolanda ZIAKA
Temas fortes ligados: Educação e responsabilidade . Art and responsibility .
Temas largos ligados: Educação Ambiental .

Tales on our responsibility for the environment

If you are interested in this project, welcome to our team!

The Charter team for southern Europe, in collaboration with the International Network for Environmental Education Polis, based in Greece, is currently working on a project to create educational material. The educational material is created with children participating at every stage of its development. The project includes the collaboration of artists, teachers, and organizations from Algeria, Georgia, Greece, and Italy.

The first product of this work has been the tale “Treasures of the Earth,” on "our responsibility to the environment," written by Yolanda Ziaka, drawn from myths in several cultures. The tale is addressed to children 10 to12 years old. The text of the tale itself includes notes addressed to teachers and parents explaining the environmental and resource-management issues presented in the tale, as well as notes on the mythological references.

The tale has been reviewed by several educators, presented in classes, and modified according to teachers’ observations. Throughout 2008, the tale was worked on by children in Greek schools, who painted illustrations for the different episodes. The tale was then published in French and in Greek. The book comes with a CD-ROM including the illustrations of the tale and narration of its summary in two languages.

A show of the children’s paintings was organized in March 2009 at the Municipal Cultural Center of the city of Ioannina, Greece, during which the tale was also presented as a play by teenagers from the Municipal Center of Artistic Creation.

There was great enthusiasm among the children who took part in illustrating the tale and in its play version. The book and the CD-ROM are now being circulated to schools, environmental organizations, and public libraries for children.

Calling for collaboration

The project to develop educational material was pursued in 2009. We have currently collected a set of tales written by educators, children, and women, in Algeria, in Georgia and in Greece. The texts of the tales are at the moment available in French and in Greek. The tales all deal with the issue of responsibility, to the environment in particular.

We are seeking teachers and artists working in the field of education who would be interested in illustrating these tales with the groups of children they work with, or in writing new tales.

In the framework of this project, we can take over for:
- the publication of audiovisual CD-ROMs presenting all the tales and their illustrations
- the circulation of the CD-ROMs to schools, organizations, and public libraries
- the organization of shows for the children’s paintings
A selection of the tales could be published in printed form.

If you are interested in this project, please contact us.
We will be happy to welcome you on board!


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