Yolanda ZIAKA

Calling for collaboration: creating educational material - 8 de março de 2010

If you are interested in this project, welcome to our team! The Charter team for southern Europe, in collaboration with the International Network for Environmental Education Polis, based in Greece, is currently working on a project to create educational material. The educational material is created with children participating at every stage of its development. The project includes the (...)

International Conference of Children and Adolescents in Brazil – progress in Greece - 11 de janeiro de 2010

The International Conference of Children and Adolescents, to be held in Brazil from 1 to 10 June 2010, is a major event to mobilize youth for the environment worldwide. The coordinating team for the preparation of the Greek participation in the Conference has established a blog (in Greek) to coordinate the participation of schools. There is the announcement of the Conference, feature (...)

Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean - 20 de março de 2009

The South European Team of the Charter supports the initiative for the organization of an "Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean", whose objectives are based – among others – on the value of responsibility, as a core value. Here follows a short presentation of the initiative: The process of putting together the Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean is a regional dynamic which (...)

Public presentation of the children book “the treasures of the earth” - 20 de março de 2009

The book « the treasures of the earth » is a fairy tale on our common responsibility for environment, written by Yolanda Ziaka. The children of a Greek school and those participating in a Municipal Artistic Center have worked on the tale and created paintings to illustrate it. The tale has been edited in Greece – in Greek and in French – by the South European Team of the Charter. Between March (...)

Art Exhibition “Environment: Common Good, Common Responsibility” - 29 de agosto de 2008

The Committee of the European Charter of Human Responsibilities organized in 2007 a travelling art exhibition on the theme “Environment: Common good, common responsibility” that presented works by Greek, Brazilian and North American artists, as well as drawings made by children of Georgia. The purpose of the exhibition was compiling and presenting works of art that reflect the vision of (...)

Art travelling exhibition on environment continues travelling - 6 de março de 2008

Art exhibition on the theme: "Environment: common good - common responsibility" from Monday, 10 March till Friday, 14 March 2008 Place: Charles-Léopold Mayer Foundation 38, rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris (Métro : Bréguet-Sabin [ligne 5] ou Chemin Vert [ligne 8]) opening hours: 9h00 à 13h00 & 14h00 à 18h00 The European coordination Committee for the Charter of Human Responsibilities is (...)

The Charter is: - 14 de dezembro de 2007

The Charter of Human Responsibilities is an international process for discussion and awareness raising on the concept of human responsibility. The project expresses the concept of responsibility, in all of its complexity, through multiple actions on the field. It is a network of individuals and organizations (environmental organizations, groups of journalists, non-violence activists, (...)

International-cooperation Workshop on the Theme: “Water: Common Good – Common Responsibility” - 12 de dezembro de 2007

This is the report on the workshop for five Nature Management and Conservation students specializing in nature facilitation. Our course includes several workshops on different themes. For the workshop on international cooperation, we set up the organization Ellada Nature and we went to a Cyclades island, Syros (Greece), to meet up with Yolanda Ziaka, coordinator of the Polis Environmental (...)

Actions in 2007 - Current Projects - 30 de outubro de 2007

In 2007, the Charter’s European Facilitation Committee focused primarily on the following projects: 1. Oversight of an international-cooperation workshop on the theme, “water: common good – common responsibility” This was a three-week workshop, which took place in March 2007 on the Cyclades, Syros island, Greece, and was coordinated by Yolanda Ziaka in collaboration with the city government of (...)

Action Plan 2008-2009 - 29 de outubro de 2007

Objectives and Approach for 2008-2009 Our approach is based on underscoring the value of the Charter as an awareness-raising tool with a view to changing mentalities and behavior. The first aim is to give rise to socially responsible commitment within social and professional groups and commitment to action at an everyday level. The European team works closely with Polis - International (...)

Ecological Footprints: How to Reduce our Impact on Earth? - 22 de outubro de 2007

Publication: Act Responsible (Issue N°1) The series of booklets « Act Responsible » aims at presenting innovative and concrete tools and ideas, for a day-to-day responsible action. The first issue of the series is dedicated to the notion of "Ecological footprint" and seeks to analyze how we can reduce our footprint on (...)

Art Project 2007 - 9 de outubro de 2007

INVITATION TO THE ARTISTS - (deadline for application : June 2007) Environment: common good - common responsibility Dear Friend, We invite you to participate in a series of collective and travelling exhibitions on the theme of our responsibility - individual and collective - with respect to environment, gathering Greek, Brazilian, Georgian and US artists. The first exhibition will (...)

A Series of Travelling Art Shows in Greece, France, and Brazil - 6 de outubro de 2007

The European coordination Committee for the Charter of Human Responsibilities is organizing a series of group and travelling art exhibitions on the theme "Environment: common good - common responsibility". There are 28 artists participating in the exhibitions: 18 Greek artists, 2 artists from the USA, and 8 artists from Brazil. There is also a series of paintings by children from Georgia, a (...)

Clean up the Med 2007: The European Team Has Joined the Movement - 11 de junho de 2007

The Clean up the Med initiative is the largest existing volunteer Mediterranean clean-up operation and has been conducted by the Italian organization Legambiente since 1995. The European Charter team is now involved in it, along with more than 500 authorities, parks, schools, and organizations from 22 countries. On May 25, 26 and 27, 2007, waste was removed from more than 1,200 beaches and (...)

Our Common Responsibility to the Global Environment: The Europeans’ Ecological Debt - 10 de dezembro de 2005

Everyone knows more or less what the debt Third World countries is: a financial debt. This is not true for the ecological debt, a new concept that was coined by South American NGOs in the early 1990s. In its current conception, as used by South American activists, the ecological debt is a debt that is due by the industrialized countries of the North to the Third World countries, once (...)

Climate Warming and Our Common Responsibility: Becoming Informed So We Can Act - 10 de dezembro de 2005

The issue of global warming, a major challenge of our time, is a quintessential "entrance" to the initiation of an awareness-raising and education campaign on the question of everyone’s individual responsibility. Following is a brief overview of the issue as it stands today (September 2005) and a few ideas on the educational potential of this issue for an initiation to the concept of human (...)

The Ecological Footprint As a Tool for Awareness-raising on Individual and Collective Responsibility - 10 de dezembro de 2005

The "ecological footprint" concept could be used to great advantage as an educational tool in the framework of communication and education actions around the concept of responsibility, with a view to becoming aware of our responsibility for the impact of our own lifestyle on the environment. It therefore carries significant potential for the development of a responsible attitude. Following (...)

Interview of an Environmental Activist in Greece - 10 de dezembro de 2005

Following is the report of an interview with a Greek man, 57, married, father of two, architect, employed in the sector. Since his youth, this man has been active in social and political movements, but he has never sought a position o leadership in the groups to which he belongs. He is fairly often called upon by the local media - local radio and television - to comment on the current news (...)

Assessment of our activities for 2005 - Orientations for 2006 - 11 de novembro de 2005

* Objectives 2005 In Europe, the work on the Charter of Human Responsibilities has actually started in February 2005. In a first stage, until November 2005, our objectives were the following: to locate the representations of the concept of responsibility, in European professional and associative sectors; to diffuse the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the project on the Charter for (...)

The "Imperative of Responsibility" According to Hans Jonas - 6 de novembro de 2005

In his book "The Imperative of Responsibility," published in 1979, the German philosopher Hans Jonas pleads for the extreme emergency to give ourselves an ethics for technological civilization based on "the imperative of responsibility." His theory starts from the finding that the promise of modern technology has turned into a threat of disaster: science confers to man previously unknown (...)

Assuming Responsibilities in Daily Life: Responsible Consumption - 10 de julho de 2005

The responsible-consumption movement aims to raise consumer awareness and bring consumers to change their attitudes and behavior in the direction of committing to products applying social and environmental criteria. Mass consumption and the limits of our planet World War II brought about, in its wake, an explosion of mass domestic consumption that has continued to grow ever since with the (...)

Team Members - 17 de maio de 2005

The European facilitation team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities is composed of persons working in four European countries. Its members are the following: Betty Nguyen, Sociologist (France) Francesco Tabacco, Architect (Italy) Franz Isemann, Retired teacher/executive of the Goethe Institut (Germany) Jean-Paul Braux, Biologist - Teacher (France) Konstantinos Xenos, Architect - (...)

Communication Activities From 2006 Onwards - 7 de janeiro de 2005

Creating a network of mediating people/organisations to disseminate the Charter process on a European scale This will facilitate disseminating information on the Charter, pinpointing people and organisations that can contribute with experiences, disseminating these experiences and, possibly later, as a second stage (from 2006), set up concrete projects in collaboration with members of this (...)

Communication Activities For 2005 - 7 de janeiro de 2005

Presentation of work being carried out with the Charter and concrete experiences dealing with the same issues in different conferences/meetings, etc. in Europe This presentation will assist in disseminating the work and identifying potentially interested people so as to make contacts, collect experiences and create a mediating network. Not-to-be-missed initial meetings: the Mediterranean (...)

Methodology and action 2005 - 7 de janeiro de 2005

Objectives: space of exchange, identification, pinpointing, exposing, synergies. Methodology: initiatives identification and pinpointing, use of available networks and material, contacts, exposing and developing the work, building up sinergies. Documentary ressources. Calendar.

Yolanda ZIAKA - 7 de janeiro de 2005

My name is Yolanda Ziaka. I am Greek, economist by training, specialized in Environmental Education. I live in the island of Syros in Greece, where I work in the public administration, as coordinator of European projects and international relations of the Region of the Aegean of the South. Between 1994 and 2001, I facilitated the Workshop on Environmental Education of the Alliance. The main (...)

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