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Coordinator of the Coordination Committee of the Charter for Lebanon, and more largely for the Middle East. Member of the International Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities.
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Temas ligados à este autor: Citizenship . Responsabilidade social . Comunicação . Conflict management . Culture of peace . Democracy . Responsabilidade individual . Youth . Governança .

Difficult conditions in Lebanon in 2007 - 13 de março de 2008

The political and economic conditions deteriorated in Lebanon in 2007, and the security situation became very fragile with explosions in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, assassinations (in Beirut) and a 3 months’ war in the northern part of the country between a terrorist group based in a Palestinian refugees camp and the Lebanese army. Of course, in such an atmosphere, it was difficult to work and (...)

"Monday" : the youth, activism and responsibility - 19 de janeiro de 2007

This VIDEO presents the overview of a young man’s life, a student who hates Mondays, the day when university starts again after festive weekends with the friends. Monday February 14th, the former Lebanese Prime minister Rafiq Hariri is murdered in Beirut. The Lebanese rebel after his murder against the Syrian regime that controls Lebanon with tens of thousands of Syrian soldiers on the (...)

Activities proposed for 2006 and 2007 - 20 de janeiro de 2006

Conference in Lebanon – meeting of the International committee of charter (this decision being to confirm according to the context in Lebanon). Organizing bodies: the forum for dialogue and development and the Lebanese committee for the charter: Tannous Bassil, Ziad Majed and Talal Khoury. Papers on Democratisation processes in Arab countries and roles of different social, economical and (...)

Lebanon, 2005: Tools, Diffusion and Debates - 20 de janeiro de 2006

Activities focused on a new film on the notion of responsibility, conferences, debates on responsibility and introduction of the Charter.

Lebanon in 2005, illustration of citizens responsibility - 4 de janeiro de 2006

Narrative report on the events in 2005 in the country and the activities developed in the philosophy of the Charter.

The Charter and activities in Lebanon, Presentation and methods - 1º de julho de 2005


Some remarks on the term "Responsibility" in an Arab context - 17 de abril de 2005

Responsibility and Victimisation - Responsibility, participation and change - Generations and local and international responsibilities - Collective responsibility and the search for individuality

Partners and allies - 6 de abril de 2005

Partners The Cultural Council for South Lebanon Phone/fax +961 1 815 519 General Secretary: Habib Sadek – Poet and writer, former parliamentary. The forum of development and dialogue Contact: Tannous Bassil The Forum of the Democratic Left Movement contact : Abbas Hachem Annual Arabic book fare in Beirut Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) Allies Tannous Bassil – Neurosurgeon, (...)

Ziad MAJED - 7 de janeiro de 2005

My name is Ziad Majed. I am from south Lebanon and I live in Beirut. I completed a B.A. in economics and an M.A. in Arabic literature at the American University of Beirut, a DEUG (two-year university diploma) in sociology at the Lebanese University, and a DEA (Master 2) completed with a doctoral studies in political sciences at Sciences Po Paris. After working in a Political Research Center (...)

Translation and diffusion of the Charter in Lebanon in 2004 - 4 de janeiro de 2005

Translation to Arabic and publication - Meetings on the philosophy of the Charter and the strategies of diffusion - Disseminating the Charter at the yearly book fare.

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