Series of Workshops on Responsibility - 8 de março de 2010

The Environmental Responsibility of the Young January 19, 2009 - A workshop was organized in Marneuli, a region inhabited by a majority of Azerbaijanis (45 participants: pupils, parents, and teachers). A documentary on the environment triggered a discussion on everyone’s individual responsibility to Nature and all living beings. Then the Charter text, adapted into Azerbaijani, was distributed (...)

Human Responsibility in the Framework of Sustainable Development - 22 de fevereiro de 2010

Human Responsibility in the Framework of Sustainable Development. Putting Our Heads together to React and to Act Ecological Problems and Human Responsibility; Agenda 21 for Schools and Institutions. Seminar at the Saguramo Orphanage and School, Georgia, October 4, 2009, SaqarTvelo Under the responsibility of: Marina Avaliani Seminar organized by: Group for the dissemination of the (...)

Photo show (March 2009) - 22 de fevereiro de 2010

The photo show presented at the Caucasus House in March 2009 was preceded by a scientific symposium with lectures by persons representing: the Georgian group for the dissemination of the Charter, the group of environmentalists from the Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry Institute, the Caucasus House, the NGO Momavali, academics, state representatives, and representatives of several (...)

Publication of a diary and a book - 21 de fevereiro de 2010

We have published a trilingual multi-annual diary (in Georgian, French, and Russian) made up of: the Charter text (in Georgian and in Russian) photos on the theme of the environment, proverbs, sayings, etc. (Georgian, Kurdish, Armenian, Russian, Azerbaijani, Ossetian, and Abkhazian) on responsibility, the environment, education, etc. The diaries have been distributed to different (...)

Handicapped Children Manufacturing Bags - 8 de dezembro de 2008

My friend Margret Wegmann, representing a small German organization of volunteers that helps handicapped children in Georgia, and myself had the idea of helping handicapped children to be integrated into society through a responsible, fun, educational, ecological, and money-making activity. The organization was thus able to finance the renovation of the Saint Michael school (for handicapped (...)

Communicating through Objects - 8 de dezembro de 2008

The following tools displaying the Charter logo and its Website address are distributed to participants during workshops, meetings, and conferences. ; Calendar ; Multiplication tables ; Pens ;

“Making the villages nicer” with the youth - 14 de maio de 2008

Last April 19, 2008 in Kaspi (Georgia) the team of the Georgian facilitation has completed the project "let’s make our village cleaner and more beautiful" with the NGO "Community of the Thezami women”. Tsisso Chipashvili presented the Charter and facilitated the workshop "Children and responsibility" in front of 80 schoolchildren and teachers. Then the three groups of schoolchildren planted (...)

The Youth and Responsibility - 25 de outubro de 2007

The conference titled " Responsibility everywhere and in all" was held on September 20 to 25, 2007 in Batoumi, Georgia, Caucasus. It was organized by the regional Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the young scouts of Georgia. During the conference, the Charter of Human Responsibilities was presented by Tsisso Chipashvili, and Tasia Zakariadze spoke largely about (...)

Activities planned for 2008 in Georgia - 7 de setembro de 2007

Communication tools Translation and publication of the revised Charter in Georgian Creation of postcards and other new print materials for distribution Debates, diffusion and networking Organization of events aimed for propagation of the Charter and its principles Establishing links with regional schools and municipalities in order to created a network supporting the Charter Youth (...)

Summary of the Activities in 2007 of the Georgian Charter Facilitation Group - 7 de setembro de 2007

Communication tools Publication of the Georgian text of the Charter available here Publication of Posters available here Webpage design – completed Debates and Exchange with adults and youths Conference – Responsibility in the Global Age, May 31/June 1, 2007. The conference addressed three main issues: Responsibility and Education, Relation between Rights and Responsibilities and (...)

Children and responsibility: a workshop based on discussions and drawings - 2 de abril de 2007

On March 16, the Georgian Charter facilitation team organized a workshop with the children’s art studio. The group was selected as it includes children of different ages from 4 to 15, some of them handicapped. The principles of the Charter were presented to the group. Discussion turned to be rather interesting, as the main principles of responsibilities were not alien to them. The children (...)

Youth workshop on responsibilities and the Charter - 13 de fevereiro de 2007

Last November 27, the Georgian team has facilitated a workshop with 14 youth from the "Greening of Georgia" group.

A questionnaire: a tool for a first inventory on responsibilities in Georgia - 30 de novembro de 2006

The plan was to work out a questionnaire tailored to the situation in Georgia, then to identify target groups and find out what people think about responsibility and being responsible. Using the European version of the questionnaire and other documents and through brainstorming, the list of questions for the Georgian questionnaire was developed. Finally the target groups and regions were (...)

The Project - 4 de setembro de 2006

A shared project - A questionnaire on the Charter and the notion of responsibility

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