Hamilton FARIA

Email : omaguas feZ uol.com.br

Member of the Brazilian Facilitation Committee of the Charter. Poet, he is particularly involved in the reflection process on the Responsibility of the artists.

Temas ligados à este autor: Art and responsibility . Arte . Artists . Responsabilidade social . Comunicação . Educação .

16 de novembro de 2005
Conversas de rua: história, metodologia, prática

Art and Cultural Identity in the Construction of a Cooperative World - 5 de abril de 2007

Street Dialogues : History, Methodology, Practice - 16 de novembro de 2005

This document presents the "Street dialogues", their history and methodology to put them in practice, on the basis of the experience of 23 dialogues that were organized during the WSF in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in January 2005, within the 11 Thematic terrains: 22 Street Dialogues (2 in each thematic terrain) and 1 online virtual Dialogue between Porto Alegre and Paris, France (coordinated by (...)

Meetings in São Paulo Discuss Artists’ Responsibilities - 2 de junho de 2005

The second meeting of “Artists Having Coffee” took place at the Pólis Institute on April 28 as part of the events of the World Network of Artists in Alliance set up in the late nineties. These meetings are attended by artists or persons involved in culture in Brazil or abroad. Following is an interview with Hamilton Faria, coordinator of the Pólis Culture Team and facilitator of the (...)

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