29 de junho de 2007
Encontro 2005 do Comitê de coordenação internacional da Carta das Responsabilidades Humanas

29 de junho de 2007
Preparar o terreno

Charter of Human Responsibilities Project Constitutes Foundation of a New Program - 29 de agosto de 2011

On March 27, 2011 this Web site, of the Charter of Human Responsibilities (CHR) network, was fully incorporated as a reference for the Ethics & Responsibilities program, which has taken over the activities of the CHR network. This Web site will no longer be updated but its content, reflecting the process of the CHR initiatives between 2001 and 2010, will be preserved as the valuable and (...)

Asian Forum on Solidarity Economy - 8 de março de 2010

Conference in Tokyo, November 7 to 10, 2009. Summary of the paper presented at the final plenary session by Edith Sizoo, international coordinator of the initiative to promote the Charter of Human Responsibilities. Political, economic, religious, etc. institutions have so far responded insufficiently to the many world crises. Debates on societal issues (for instance on genetic research) (...)

Outcome Meeting - International Charter Committee - 27 de novembro de 2008

23-29 sept. 2008, Changchun, China

Cultures and responsibility - 24 de novembro de 2008

(16-pages word document, available below)

Responsibility A common key-notion in a world of diversity - 4 de outubro de 2008

South Asian Workshop : “Uniting in Responsibilities in a Culture of Rights” At the Centre for Gandhian Studies of Bangalore University 4-5-6 April 2008, Bangalore Position paper by Edith Sizoo (Coordinator International Committee for the Promotion of The Charter of Human Responsibilities) Contents: Cultural diversity of perceptions and practices "Duty" as distinct from "Responsibility” (...)

Intercultural Research Group: Objectives and Output - 24 de junho de 2008

The objectives of the research project are: 1. To understand the ideas associated with "Responsibility" in the 11 languages / cultural contexts of the participants in the project 2. To identify consequences of these understandings for social practices in those cultural contexts 3. To find common elements unfolded in these understandings 4. To contribute to an intercultural dialogue (...)

Creative space - Facilitating a process of meeting interculturally - 12 de setembro de 2006

Introduction - A possible approach (Basic ideas: The self as part of a whole, Unwrapping the cocoon, Specific within the universal, Exploring the way to joint action) - Facilitating a process : Creating creative space - Phases in the process (selection of a topic, selection of participants, first ’tour d’horizon’, second round, third round, the meeting - And finally: the (...)

Letter to the President of Brazil and the Ministers of Environment and Education - 12 de junho de 2006

Following the Conference, Edith Sizoo, Coordinator of the International Charter Team, wrote to Mr Lula, Mrs Silva and Mr Haddad.

Let’s Take Care of Brazil: A Unique Educational and Social Achievement - 7 de junho de 2006

"Yound people are not so much concerned with their destiny but rather with hope." A Brazilian teacher Just imagine… Involving 12.000 schools and the communities around them, thus mobilizing within one year nearly 4 million people to reflect on fundamental questions related to the future of humanity and the survival of the planet, organizing conferences in several of the 27 states of the (...)

Cultures and Responsibility - Ethical Foundations and Social Practices - 8 de maio de 2006

Intercultural Research Group

The challenge of intercultural dialogue - 31 de março de 2006

In a period of increasing international communication - which by its very nature is intercultural - there is a tendency to use concepts which are supposed to be understood in the same way by communities rooted in a great variety of different histories and cultural contexts all over the world. This leads to numerous intercultural misunderstandings and (...)

Cultural diversity of perceptions and practices - 31 de março de 2006

It seems that a sense of responsibility (grounded in parenthood) is found among all groups of human beings. However, the way in which responsibility is assumed and accounted for is deeply embedded in each cultural context.

The concepts of Culture and Responsibility - 31 de março de 2006

In this article we will focus in particular on the relationship between Cultures and Responsibility in connection with the new challenges humankind has to face. This requires to be clear about the two concepts.

New challenges… new responsibilities - 31 de março de 2006

At present, international life is underpinned by two pillars: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which focuses mainly on individuals but also on communities, their dignity and the defence of their rights, and the Charter of the United Nations, which focuses on States, peace between them and development. These two pillars have been a framework for undeniable progress in the (...)

Edith SIZOO - 7 de janeiro de 2005

In 1939 I was born in the Netherlands, in a family of nine children. My early youth was marked by what happened in Amsterdam during World War II and the years after the Liberation with the never ending accumulation of stories -mostly horrible, but many also showing how the worst also brings out the greatest courage and humanness. During the years of "coming of age" I was driven by the (...)

Laying the Groundwork - 7 de janeiro de 2005

They came as individuals, they left as a group An unprecedented initiative Conceiving and testing strategies Experiments Communication Taking root [Theycamehttp://www.fph.ch/]. [Anunprecedented -]An unprecedented initiative In spite of the financial limitations, the activities reports show two striking features: 1. A deep commitment of the members of the Committee to the idea of (...)

2005 Meeting of the International Facilitation Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities - 7 de janeiro de 2005

The International Facilitation Committee has met in Chile in January 2005 so that its members can gather the different experiences and work on a collective process on the objectives and strategies, after the first year of the promotion of the Charter of Human Responsibilities. A series of diverse activities has been launched in the 14 countries spread out over all the continents where the (...)

A cross-cultural and multilingual contribution to the elaboration of a Charter of the Alliance - 10 de novembro de 2000

The elaboration of this text presents the originality to wish to take in consideration the cultural diversity not to be limited to a solely western dimension of the text. This report describes the process used during the workshop of Syros: the aim of this workshop was to find a consensus on six common principles, their content, and the means of their implementation, which became relevant in (...)

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