Pierre CARO

I am retired. I have decided to dedicate part of my retirement time to a research on "the possible role and space to the retiree in the society". I have chosen to work on three elements that seem essential to me: health; learning today; the necessity to elaborate a real project of life for the twenty, thirty years and more, that are offered to us in situation of retirement. I am implied with the travellers, for the road security, with handicapped retirees (mental and physical) among others. My house should be a local open and free university in the coming time

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Building One’s Retirement around Human Responsibilities? - 16 de janeiro de 2007

Facing the irreversible changes in our environments – demographic, geopolitical, scientific, and religious – we can no longer consider our retirement period without drawing up for our life a real project, that makes sense to ourselves and to others. Entering the retirement period is no longer the same as entering old age Some are very young and some very old, but above all, today, there (...)

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