19 de dezembro de 2006
Entrevista / diálogo sobre a Carta

Responsible governance of Watersheds - 27 de abril de 2010

This is a collection of papers from scientists, engineers, indigenous guardians and programme leaders from Vanuatu, Samoa and Aotearoa. Contributions are made from creative writers, lawyers, and esteemed Maori and Samoan leaders articulating indigenous knowledge to the complexity of managing watersheds. The responsibilities brought to the management of river catchments are varied and range (...)

Report 2009 - 11 de fevereiro de 2010

Betsan Martin Watersheds and Responsible Governance Aotearoa-New Zealand November 2009 Governance and Maori interests Integrated systems in the Pacific region Different interests, different scales, braided systems Mountains to Sea – challenges for governance Stand out notes and ongoing questions Science Technology and Society conference Brisbane, Australia, Dec 2009 A Science (...)

Science Technology and Society conference - 30 de janeiro de 2010

Science Technology and Society conference Brisbane, Australia, Dec 2009 A Science Technology and Society conference brought an opportunity to activate new contacts for the Across Oceania network by preparing a presentation for the conference and visiting an ‘ecotechnology’ scientist, Callum Coats with whom we have been associated for many years. Callum is experimenting with using energy (...)

Watersheds and Responsible Governance - 30 de janeiro de 2010

Watersheds and Responsible Governance: Aotearoa-New Zealand November 2009 A hillside gathering above Te Hakare Wetland The powhiri, or welcome by Maori elders from the tribes of the land and rivers of the area where our symposium was held, began the process of weaving together hosts and guests, those from the area and those from afar, and of drawing together the threads of different (...)

A visit to Vanuatu - 30 de janeiro de 2010

Vanuatu 29 Nov – 6 Dec 2009 A visit to Vanuatu was hosted by a Ni Vanuatu women known to us though her studies at a university in new Zealand. We found that women are bearing large burdens of extended family responsibilities – and that in urban areas there are added pressures of financial responsibility upon women who have jobs. Highlights of the visit included a village ‘Mountains to reef” (...)

Local Management of Marine Areas (LMMA) Network Meeting, Fiji - 18 de dezembro de 2008

Details of the Shared Activity The LMMA meeting was held over 6 days in Suva, and in village member sites. Participants linked with the Across Oceania network included Hugh Govan (a member of the LMMA Network Co-ordinating team) Kelly May (NIWA), Wayne Ormond (Ministry of Fisheries), Aranui Puna, Guardian (Kaitiaki) of a customary marine reserve (Mataitai). Betsan Martin, Convener of (...)

Responsibility: Guardians of Life - 24 de novembro de 2008

; Working with the reference point of Nietzsche’s ‘be true to the earth’ I wonder whether whether Nietzsche’s injunction is sufficient in the current context of environmental degradation? With the need for an ethics of responsibility I turn to very disparate texts from philosophy, ecology and indigenous thought. They range from Luce Irigaray’s Marine Lover of Friedrich Nietzsche, to Callum Coats’ (...)

News Item on Australian Government Apology to Aboriginal People - 13 de maio de 2008

Summary Apology to Australian Aboriginal People part of a flow of Government Apologies in the Pacific Region, including to Samoan people, and to Mãori Tribes. Apologies are a recent response to support the reconciliation process. They are intended to heal past wrongs on the part of governments who have exercised state powers to destroy the cohesion of indigenous peoples, or suppress (...)

Report on Asian Solidarity Economy Meeting - 17 de fevereiro de 2008

Relate to the Pacific with an approach of humility before the land and before the people. This report is focused on areas of particular interest to RESPONSE and the Charter for Human Responsibility, highlighting contributions to Across Oceania Te Au o Te Moana.

- 14 de janeiro de 2008

Relate to the Pacific with an approach of humility before the land and before the people This report is focused on areas of particular interest to RESPONSE and the Charter for Human Responsibility, highlighting contributions to Across Oceania Te Au o Te Moana. Firstly, profound appreciation to: Solidarity Economy committee for contributing to travel to the Philippines The FPH and Charter (...)

Conservation Roundtable Conference, ALOTOAU, PNG - 14 de janeiro de 2008

The Conservation Conference was a Pacific Conservation Roundtable meeting to work on the framework for the Pacific Conservation Action Strategy. KEY MESSAGE Conservation in the Pacific is integrated with sustainable livelihoods. Land being retained in customary tenure is a key to the link between Livelihoods and Environmental Responsibility. Pacific Conservation Action Strategy The (...)

Leadership in a Climate of Change - 26 de outubro de 2007

Commentary As a Representative of the NZ Charter committee, I was invited to a gathering of 48 invited participants to ‘create together new thinking and acting for Responsibility in a Climate of Change.’ It was exciting to meet for 4 days with people who represented business interests, journalists, writers, farmers, various environmental sectors, young activists and older leaders, trade (...)

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples - 26 de outubro de 2007

Commentary NZ Opposes Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples In New Zealand there has been quite a lot of attention amongst Human Rights and Indigenous networks, to the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which was passed by the UN General Assembly on 13th September. There has been an outcry because of NZ opposition to the Declaration, despite years of advocacy and (...)

Across Oceania - Te Au o Te Moana - Responsibility for Healthy Water Ecosystems: Governance and Practice - 26 de julho de 2007

Themes Reference to an Ethics of Responsibility Responsibility is an ethical and collective response to the environmental crisis, bringing awareness of our individual and collective impact on people and place. Responsibility supports action, research and knowledge that combine social and environmental outcomes for sustainability in programmes, policy and governance: in other words, linking (...)

News Update from New Zealand and the Liquid Continent - 26 de julho de 2007

The pictures give a local scene, prior to a meeting in Auckland with Maria and Te Kawehau for our Charter plans. Here re a couple of recent photos at the Lake, and one of Maria and Qiujing, a film maker, with whom we are discussing making a film of the Pacific ‘Across Oceania’ project. In New Zealand, we are continuing to liaise with groups in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific countries, (...)

Water Forum: from the stories of our rivers to the quality of water - 11 de janeiro de 2007

Resume Charter activities in New Zealand are focusing on water. At a series of forums and meetings those with a focus on environmental responsibility emphasise water as a public good. Information given by activists and NGO’s track the ‘commodification’ of water, through various pressures for privatization and management through resource allocation and lease rights. The NZ Sustainable Water (...)

A Public Forum on Rights and Responsibilities for Sustainability - 8 de janeiro de 2007

Resume At a public Forum co-hosted last 12th December by the Regional Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the Human Rights commission, the speakers highlighted sustainability as a framework for economic and social re-organization, and an Ocean scientist gave a presentation of growing knowledge of ocean habitats to support decisions about sustainable fisheries. The (...)

Series of Public Forums in partnership with the Human Rights Commission - 8 de janeiro de 2007

The Charter of Human responsibilities committee in New Zealand is hosting a series of public seminars in partnership with the Human Rights Commission. The Human Rights Commission supports public forums and has an extensive network for citizen participation and discussion in matters of public interest. The forums we have co-hosted were in Wellington, they are to encourage public information (...)

New Zealand – Australia Regional Initiative - 5 de janeiro de 2007

Abstract Two members of the New Zealand committee had meetings with Robbie Lloyd who will be the Charter contact in Australia. Fields of interest and work in the Australian group include earth relationships, mental health reform, water allocation, sharing knowledge and experience across generations, partnerships with Aboriginal peoples, land restoration, earth-centred healing. We met Tony (...)

Forgiveness and Natality - 5 de janeiro de 2007

; A Reflection on Responsibility, following the meeting of the International Facilitation Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities, in South Africa, October 2006. The Charter of Human Responsibilities’ meeting in South Africa brought reminders of historical links between South Africa and New Zealand. These had colonial beginnings, included an anti-apartheid movement and a recent (...)

Women’s workshop – Kotare, August 06 - 5 de dezembro de 2006

In New Zealand there is a centre called Kotare that works for social transformation. It holds workshops on many topics such as green economics, globalization, relations with indigenous people and sewage management. Providing an opportunity for structural and social analysis with young activists is an emphasis of the centre. An intergenerational gathering of women was held in August. We (...)

Interview / Dialogue on the Charter - 19 de abril de 2006

A dialogue / interview with a leadership group, who were ‘european’/Pakeha, Maori, Pacifica, and who professionally are researchers and consultants in a Social Justice’ agency. This was a formal meeting in which the Charter had been made available for preliminary reading. They are people who had some familiarity with the Alliance and the Charter, and who are recognized for their social and (...)

Bibliography - 10 de abril de 2006

Humphries, M.T. and Martin, B. (2005). Diversity Ethics: a compass pointing to relationality and reciprocity for navigating turbulent seas. The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management - In Print Martin, B. (2005) ‘Responsibility. Guardians of Life’ - Submitted for Yfeng Zhao’s edited publication on Responsibility. China. Martin, B; Humphries, M.; with Te Rangiita, (...)

Plans for 2006/7 - 4 de abril de 2006

a. Continuing Partner/collaborative projects in Good/Ethical Governance. Writing and publication for dissemination of notion of Responsibility: Academic papers Edited collection Newspaper / journal articles Extending collaboration with Human Rights networks Interview project Development of network in Australia Further initiatives with Maori and Pacific groups Strategies for (...)

Good Governance, Responsibility and the Waka - 4 de abril de 2006

Dr Humphries worked closely with the Board of a significant government agency whose task it is to work with other government agencies, community and private sector organisations to enhance the working lives of New Zealanders. Among the priorities set for this organisation is the urgent need to work with Maori and Pacific Peoples to see how the resources of this organisation can be better (...)

Reflection on the Charter and governance, Oceania, 2005 - 4 de abril de 2006

Diffusion, coordination, elaboration of communication tools (film), reflection on the text of the Charter, work on a good governance.

Climate Change and Governance Conference, 28-29 March 2006, New Zealand - 4 de abril de 2006

The conference on Climate Change focused on scientific evidence and integration of the projections for climate change with social and economic policy and governance. The scientific presentations were brilliant, inscribing in our minds the graphic picture of fluctuations in Earth’s temperature over millions and hundreds of years, and the surge in the last 100. The conference brought forward (...)

Philosophy on Responsibility - 6 de janeiro de 2006

This contribution on Philosophy on Responsibility comes from discussions with Charter committee members. **Relevance to Charter principles** Every person’s dignity demands that he or she contribute to the freedom and dignity of others. In the flowering of the human personality, its non-material aspirations as well as its material needs must be addressed. The Charter principles may need to (...)

Views from researchers about the Charter text, Aotearoa - New Zealand. - 6 de janeiro de 2006

After background discussion on the Charter, and on the Alliance website, we had a discussion of governance in different cultures, and in particular in the Pacific, where this researcher had done PhD research. Here, responsibility is vested in leaders. Even thinking about leadership in democracies, this is so, although organized in very different ways from traditional Pacific leadership and (...)

Views from indigenous people about the Charter text, Aotearoa-New Zealand. - 6 de janeiro de 2006

Comments from the project After careful reading of the principles, all said that the Charter reflects a western world view, and is referenced to its requirements and laws. What was being implied was that it addresses an adversarial system based on a dualistic worldview. The separation of nature and the environment, and culture are are codified in law. It forms the framework of religion and (...)

Betsan MARTIN - 7 de janeiro de 2005

My name is Betsan Martin, an English name, although my ancestors are from Scotland and they immigrated to Aotearoa-New Zealand in the 1860’s, so after 150 years my European traditions are acquiring a sense of belonging to the South Pacific, or more broadly the Liquid Continent, or even more largely, the Pacific Rim of Fire. Participation in the Charter for Human Responsibility has opened a (...)

Partners - 7 de janeiro de 2005

Networking within cultural groups and with various organizations with which we are associated is a necessary first step for dissemination of the charter. Two of our committee have extended existing involvement with Human Rights organizations, advocating a Charter for Human Responsibility. In New Zealand the Human Rights Commission include a concept of responsibility and they have shown (...)

The Treaty of Waitangi and the Foreshore and Seabed - 7 de janeiro de 2005

Over the past year the ‘ownership’ of the Foreshore and Seabed has taken the dimensions of a tidal wave crashing on the shores of Aotearoa-New Zealand, and put relations between Maori and government under more pressure than they have been for a century. Under the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi indigenous titles to land were to be upheld. By 2003 the Foreshore is the last remaining area still in (...)

Writing - 7 de janeiro de 2005

Reference to the Charter for Human Responsibility has been a feature in our writing, and a significant aspect of the Charter work. I (Betsan Martin) wrote a chapter for a book on a philosopher of responsibility par excellence, Emmanel Levinas, and Dr Maria Humphries and I have written several papers on the theme of Responsibility and Ethical Relationality in the last year for conference (...)

Collaborative Environmental Activities - 7 de janeiro de 2005

As a result of a national seminar we held on Water, as part of an Alliance initiative in 2003, different activities have taken place associated with the ecology of water and land management. In the Lake Taupo region, an indigenous committee and a government agency have developed protocols for an effective collaboration on land management which support cultural safeguards associated with the (...)

Human Rights and Responsibilities - 7 de janeiro de 2005

This is the network that most closely corresponds to the Charter work in New Zealand. Two of the committee members have become particularly involved in Human Rights networks where discussions for collaboration on the introduction of responsibility have been initiated. There have been initial proposals to introduce provision for Human Responsibility in law, through the Human Rights (...)

Challenges to face - 7 de janeiro de 2005

One reflection from our agreement to integrate the concept of responsibility into existing local organizations, is to question whether the concept of responsibility becomes assimilated, or absorbed rather than identified as a distinct, future oriented concept. The Human Rights Commission is well respected in New Zealand and has excellent strategies for wide dissemination of their work. They (...)

Samoa, Culture and Environment - 7 de janeiro de 2005

In 2003, through the Alliance21 project, an environmental initiative was held in Samoa as part of the opening of the Nofoalii Centre for Cultural Research. Leaders of this Centre are on the committee for the Charter for Responsibility, with the Samoan members maintaining project work in the Pacific and in New Zealand. A symposium was held in New Zealand in November 2004, supported by the (...)

Facilitation methods: débates, videos, collaborations, publications.. - 4 de janeiro de 2005

We are following the agreements of Syros (first meeting of the Facilitation Committee) to weave the Charter work into existing organizations and socio-professional groups, to raise awareness of the concept of responsibility and discuss it as widely as possible. 1. Interviews with small groups from different sectors to discuss and receive feedback on the Charter text. Evaluation : an (...)

Objectives - 4 de janeiro de 2005

The Charter and Governance At a meeting of the Aotearoa-Pacific committee in May 2004 there was convergence that to focus on governance as a major project over 2 years. In the discussion it was envisaged that we would convene a wananga/symposium, with invited contributors bringing prepared material (papers, documentaries, research). From such a gathering a case book to be collected and (...)

Members of the Charter Facilitation Committee for the Pacific Region - 4 de janeiro de 2005

The Committee Members are : Betsan Martin (Coordinator of the Regional Committee, member of the International Facilitation Committee) Maria Humphries – Professor of Management Studies and Ethics _ She works in Not-For-Profit management, ethics, human rights and responsibilities. Maria is active in the Third Sector, linking the Community sector with academic research. Maria and Betsan are (...)

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