Publicado em 5 de dezembro de 2006
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Women’s workshop – Kotare, August 06

por Betsan MARTIN
Temas fortes ligados: Mulheres e responsabilidade .
Temas largos ligados: Women .

In New Zealand there is a centre called Kotare that works for social transformation. It holds workshops on many topics such as green economics, globalization, relations with indigenous people and sewage management. Providing an opportunity for structural and social analysis with young activists is an emphasis of the centre.

An intergenerational gathering of women was held in August. We discussed the Charter for Human Responsibility. The symbolism of birth was explored in terms of ’giving birth to the future’ and responsibility that women carry for inaugurating a world in harmony and integrity with the eco-environment. Reflection from this revealed links with Maori/indigenous cultural values of integrity with the natural world and the importance of keeping in tune with this knowledge and with Maori environmental initiatives. Insights around working beyond dualism were also shared.

Many of the women work in family violence prevention, often referred to as sexual violence, and reminded us of the endemic violence that continues in families. We were reminded of the state systems which are punitive to single women with responsibilities for children. All the research shows that this is an international phenomenon that is relevant to human responsibility. With the opportunity to share knowledge from elder women and to reflect with young women working on the front line of violence and child safety we agreed that violence is a wide social issue and that responsibility can be shared by communities.

With reference to a Charter for Human Responsibility, and knowledge of the international dimensions of violence, still predominantly against women, a suggestion was made to include a principle such as the following:

In relations between women and men, and in all relationships including children, the whole community shares responsibility for safety.


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