Partner of the Philipino Facilitation Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities.

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Asian Environmental Film Festival Makes Waves - 14 de dezembro de 2007

The Charter of Human Responsibilities (CHR) – Philippine Team and its Indian-based counterpart, CHR-India represented by Sudha Reddy, together with the World Youth Water Alliance represented by Anugraha John, launched a joint undertaking which focused on environmental awareness raising among students in selected schools in Metro Manila and the sub-urban areas. The week-long Film Festival (...)

Reflections on the Charter of Human Responsibilities - 28 de setembro de 2005

Organization for Training, Research and Development (OTRADEV) Foundation. The Charter of Human Responsibilities was first presented to the members of OTRADEV in April 2004 at the University of the Philippines lagoon grounds. In that gathering, the members gave their consent to get involved in the promotion of the Charters principles through a video-documentation project focusing on how the (...)

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