Email : cecile.sabourin a5N uqat.ca

Member of the International Charter Committee. Coordinator of the Regional Committee of the Charter for Canada and North América.

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About Us (Canada) - 1º de dezembro de 2009

The initiative of promoting a culture of responsibilities and a Charter of Human Responsibilities at the international level is supported financially by the la Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer pour le progrès de l’Homme (FPH), in collaboration with volonteers and organizations who recognize the importance of this endeavor. It is facilitated by the Centre de recherche et animation socioéconomique (...)

Earlier version : an information brochure - 9 de junho de 2005

(The latest version of the Charter - from end 2007 - is available in the ’Charter text’ section) Tool created by the Canadian Charter Committee. " Meeting makes the connection; the written word conveys the message". In the information brochure you will find a short history of the human adventure leading to the creation of the Alliance, and an overview of it’s goals and principles. There are (...)

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