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Series of Workshops on Responsibility

The Environmental Responsibility of the Young

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January 19, 2009 - A workshop was organized in Marneuli, a region inhabited by a majority of Azerbaijanis (45 participants: pupils, parents, and teachers). A documentary on the environment triggered a discussion on everyone’s individual responsibility to Nature and all living beings. Then the Charter text, adapted into Azerbaijani, was distributed and presented by Tasia Zakariadze (with the help of an interpreter). The participants expressed themselves and spoke of the importance of the document and of the common responsibility of Georgians and of the minority groups living in Georgia.

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Socioprofessional diversity of the participants, a quality discussion

January 20, 2009 - We organized a workshop in Akhalkalaki, in the region of Chua Kartli (50 participants, among which educators, an elected community representative, the prefect, two journalists from 24 hours - a major daily - and reporters from the regional TV channel). Participants were asked to express themselves on the concept of responsibility and to give examples of responsibilities that they have assumed in their life. Then we spoke of the Charter, of its objectives. The pupils (who were in fact very active) divided up into groups to work on the principles. The pupils performed a short act on responsibility and organized a small concert. The regional channel aired a 10-minute report on this event.

Local discussions, mutual incentives, collective motivation

May 23, 2009 - A workshop was held in the village of Khechili, inhabited by Kakheti Ossetians (a region mainly inhabited by Georgians but where there are 3 large villages in which Ossetians also live). People from the 3 villages (young people, adults, and village leaders) took part in it. We distributed flyers and calendars on the Charter.

After Marina Avaliani presented the Charter, the speakers expressed themselves on responsibility. The discussions were about climate change (what can we do to prevent it?), ethnic diversity, and organic farming.

“I am going to sow a seed of responsibility,” said Chakro Vaniev. “I refuse to use chemical fertilizers and if you, my neighbors, do the same we will collect the sap of Mother Earth for our children.”

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