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Art Exhibition “Environment: Common Good, Common Responsibility”

por Isis de PALMA, Yolanda ZIAKA
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PAZ entre os povos de Osório Garcia (pastel e cera)

The Committee of the European Charter of Human Responsibilities organized in 2007 a travelling art exhibition on the theme “Environment: Common good, common responsibility” that presented works by Greek, Brazilian and North American artists, as well as drawings made by children of Georgia. The purpose of the exhibition was compiling and presenting works of art that reflect the vision of artists on the environment and the responsibilities of us all.

The first three exhibitions were held in Greece on the island of Syros on August 23, 2007, on the island of Corfu, and in the city of Ioannina in northern Greece, in November 2007.
These same works of art were later exhibited in Paris, France at the headquarters of the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation.

In 2008 a series of exhibitions are being held in Brazil by the Brazilian committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities. The first exhibition will be held from October 18 to November 17 in Tiradentes - MG, in Gallery of the Foundation Oscar Araripe, the same name as the painter, an artist famous in the region, in Brazil and abroad. This exhibition will then appear in Sao Paulo in the Joint National Avenida Paulista throughout the month of December to celebrate the 60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In 2009 during the summer the works will be displayed at an exhibition in the House of Culture and Cultural Silo in the city of Paraty-RJ. The exhibition will also be presented in some units of the SESC SP - Service of Trade of the state of Sao Paulo. Brazilian children will participate in the exhibition. Additional artists and new locations are being invited to join the project to submit their works related to the issue of human rights and responsibilities.

Artists Exhibition participants

Authors Works
KATEPINA ASLANIDOU (Greece) Fragments of nature
DIMITRA GOUSI (Greece) Cartoon
KATERINA KANELLI (Greece) The colors of life
EIRINI TSIRAKI (Greece) Catharsis - the rubbish and us
MELODY REEVES (USA) Contemporary Pursuit
LUCI TORRES (Brazil) “Carroceiros III” (Rubbish collectors)
OSCAR ARARIPE (Brazil) Reflected Caraiva
MARCELO BICALHO (Brazil) In our hand
FLETEA / NANCY DE ANDRADE P. (Brazil) Nature’s visions
INNA CYMLICH JANSE (Brazil) Save THIS planet
NOÊMIA NUNES (Brazil) Passage I
NOÊMIA NUNES (Brazil) Passage II
CHRISTINA SCHLEDER (Brazil) Seed of life’s tree
ANDREAS KARGSTEN (Sweden/Greece) Five moons and a red mountain
VANDA CHALYVOPOULOU (Greece) Sunday luncheon on the Gazon
NIKI KAPOKAKI (Greece) Athens 2004
OSÓRIO GARCIA (Brazil) Our common environment

And works by children of Georgia already exhibited in Europe and by Brazilian children who will participate to the project.

Isis de Palma
Imagens Educação – Imagens Conteúdo e Forma Produções Culturais LTDA
In charge of the CRH Art project and for the Brazilian Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities
isis Dav educ-imagens.com.br
tel. 55-11-31672575 cel. 55-11-84262544


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