Publicado em 1º de março de 2010
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The Law as a Mirror of Cultures. For Another Globalization.

por Christoph EBERHARD
Temas fortes ligados: Intercultural, diálogo e plurilinguismo .
Temas largos ligados: Cross-cultural . Human Rights .

The second edition of the Christoph Eberhard’s book, Le droit au miroir des cultures. Pour une autre mondialisation (The Law as a Mirror of Cultures. For Another Globalization) has just been published with a preface by Etienne Le Roy.


In this age of globalization, Law theoreticians and researchers in social sciences are increasingly questioning the adequacy of their tools for the complexity and interdependence of the contemporary world.

Some of the questions are becoming increasingly pressing. How can common values and concerns be shared while respecting the diversity of our cultures? How can we reconsider our “living together”? What should be the new foundations for the legal, political, and economic organization of the contemporary world? What role is the law to play in it?

The book argues that the appropriate answers to these questions can only be drawn from dialogs among the different cultures of humankind. It invites readers to rediscover the law through a few anthropological byways taking them from Africa to Asia and North America and through experiences closer to us, but often unknown, such as alternative practices of the law. These byways shed a new light on the current re-composition of the legal field between the law, governance, and sustainable development. They open up a new horizon for reflecting on "another globalization."

Christoph Eberhard is a guest researcher and professor in Anthropology and Theory of the Law at the University of Saint Louis in Brussels, where he occupies the FPH (Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind) chair, Law, Governance, and Sustainable Development. Guest Professor at the European Academy of Law Theory in Brussels and member of the Legal Anthropology Laboratory of Paris, he has worked for many years on the question of the Law in cross-cultural dialog.
Human Rights and Cross-cultural Dialog


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