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2004: A Diversified approach to diffuse the Charter in India

por Sudha REDDY

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Activities in 2004

Translating the Charter texts

We have printed 1,000 copies each in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, the four south Indian regional languages, and distributed 300 to 500 copies in these four languages as well as in Hindi and Marathi, these two, thanks to Dr Makarand Paranjape, (chiefly covering north India) to all the stake-holders until now.

As explained in the description of the methodology we have been following translating the Charter texts since it is fundamental in India, before any another process.

Disseminating the Charter and dialogueing

From the beginning, we thought of a two-pronged approach to the dissemination of the Charter.

One, we have been interacting with various sectors of society about the text of the Charter. It is hosted on the web site to get an evaluation response from activists, academicians, writers, IT professionals and intellectuals of the same ilk. We have also formed an e-group wherein we get to discuss and dialogue based on the Principles of the Charter.
We have been communicating with peoples’ movements and NGOs working with women’s issues, land, forest, water and other environmental issues, child labour (especially in Tamil Nadu, the match stick factories), tribals etc. in other states.
One of our team members, Ramjan Darga, is dialoguing with a cross-section of intellectuals to find ways of bringing humanity and the world of myriad forms closer and closer with the help of the Charter.

Second, we also have been trying to bridge the communication gap about the notion of responsibility with the people at the grass root level for whom the language of the Charter may be incomprehensible.

Communication through mail alone is insufficient; and we have also been travelling to other states to get in touch with others in order to promote the Charter.

Our initial aim is to share our ideas and methodology in re-formulating or redeveloping the Charter among the rural and urban poor women, NGO groups and the youth.

A Multi-pronged approach for dissemination

Only a multi-pronged approach, we thought, was feasible to effectively disseminate the Charter whether directly or indirectly.

- Website: To elicit response from people’s movements, social activists, NGOs, academicians, writers, journalists, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, performing artistes, scientists.
- e- group: For frequent dialoguing and discussion with similar audience as the above on the Charter.
- Print media: Articles on the Charter published in regional languages
- Booklet: Ramjan Darga, a working team member and translator of the Charter in Kannada, has written a booklet on the great Indian reformer Basavanna of the 12th century, connecting spirituality with the principles of the Charter. The booklet is being published by the University of Gulbarga.
For further information: An offshoot

Disseminating the Charter in the South Asian Region

As a part of the commitment to disseminating the Charter of Human Responsibilities, I recently attended a convention for peace and democracy, jointly organised by India-Pakistan People’s Forum, in Lahore, Pakistan. There occurred an opportunity to promote the Charter among the Pakistani friends. A well-known NGO, South Asia Partnership Pakistan, has taken up the task of promoting the Charter in Pakistan. _ With the experience gaining from such interactions and sharing of views, we will be able to disseminate the Charter in the South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. And that is our commitment to the Charter.

Workshops and trainings

- Democratic leadership training workshops using the Charter principles illiterate and literate women from both the rural and urban sectors belonging to disparate castes, religions and languages. Till now 300 odd women have benefited from these training programmes.
For further information: The Women Wokshop

- Capacity building for social activists and NGOs: Within the framework of the Charter, since October three workshops were held in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka for over 150 activists

- On-going workshops for elementary teachers on environmental education initiated in Andhra Pradesh in December: The expected result is that of integration of the Charter principles in the curriculum as an environmental responsibility.

- National workshop for youth on ‘Youth, Ethics and Communal Harmony’: the upshot of the workshop was the deepening of the understanding of the Charter principles and re-drafting of them in a hue that is true to the specific group.

- National workshop for the senior grass root women activists of eight non-southern states belonging to Ekta Parishad:

- Informal forum involving mainly IT professionals and entrepreneurs for social and environmental responsibility:

Cultural and environmental action incorporating Charter values

One of the big problems in countries like India is that the secular activists have moved so far from the cultural and religious beliefs of the people leaving them helpless when communalism (religious fundamentalism) begins to take root. In an age of globalization many people, including the poor, are being manipulated by opportunistic political parties to see religions and ethnic identity in exclusive terms, thus dividing people and promoting violence. In the past years, all the countries of South Asia have witnessed violent cultural conflicts.
This programme has two dimensions. The first has to do with re-interpreting the cultural practices and traditions of the people, especially the festivals, with the charter as a reference. The second has to do with initiating song movements, where the values of the Charter are sung by the poor and excluded communities.


We have been trying to document as much of our activities and workshops within our available means like audio-video, photography and, that with decent profession help.

We need more time to share the success and the unsuccessful approaches.


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