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The Ecological Footprint as a Tool in Environmental Education - 7 de setembro de 2005

What is the ecological footprint? It is a tool for determining if our lifestyles are sustainable. Categories of human consumption are translated into areas of productive land which is required to provide resources and assimilate waste products. The “footprint” is the total amount of land required to sustain one human or group of humans, say in a family or city, based on their use of energy, (...)

“To buy is a political act”: pathways towards a responsible consumption - 3 de setembro de 2005

“To buy is a political act”. Responsible consumption represents an effort to simultaneously reduce pollution and consumption. The choices we make as consumers are perhaps the easiest and most effective methods we have of making our opinions relevant to corporate and government decision-makers. Buying is voting There are 6 billions of us today, half are under 20. Every move we make is (...)

Nevertheless, there are alternatives: the experience of the cooperative of Mondragón - 3 de setembro de 2005

We are in the year 2005 a.C. neo liberalism became the dominating approach all over Europe. Who does not understand yet or does not want to understand the fact that enterprises have to dismiss thousands of workers and employees although they declare record benefits is stamped as dreamer or a complete idiot. But is this really true all over Europe? No, in a remote valley in the deepest Basque (...)

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