Colaborador del Comité Regional de coordinación de la Carta para Asia Suroriental, Filipinas.

Temas asociados a este autor: Pueblos indígenos . Educación . Derechos Humanos . Profesores .

Activities and discussions on the Charter - 6 de enero de 2006

Seminar-Workshop on “The Charter of Human Responsibility” among Teachers in Northern Mindoro and Advocates of Mangyan Rights and Welfare. Organization for Training, Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (OTRADEV). As coordinated by Aleli Bawagan

Report on Activities in the Video Production and Charter Dissemination - 4 de julio de 2005

Submitted by Aleli Bawagan, Project Coordinator OTRADEV January 2005 Four OTRADEV members started brainstorming on a possible project to promote the charter on human responsibilities in March 2003. Since almost half of the life of OTRADEV as a non-government organization was spent with the Iraya Mangyans, the indigenous peoples of Mindoro Island, the ideas raised were mainly in cooperation (...)

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