Jean-Paul BRAUX

Email : Jean-Paul.braux Lsa wanadoo.fr

Partner of the European Facilitation Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities.

Temas ligados à este autor: Political responsibility . Environment . Administração pública . Community responsibility .

Circulation of the Charter in Italy: Interview of a Health Professional - 10 de dezembro de 2005

Following is an interview by Francesco Tabacco of Mrs. Irene Mariella, in Florence, Italy. Mrs. Mariella is 51 and works as an obstetrician for the Italian national health service in Florence. She lives in the center of Florence with her partner, who has a girl, 18. She supports a child in India, which she adopted "at distance." The discussion revolved around the questions in the (...)

Circulation of the Charter in France: Interview of an Elected Official of a Township in Auvergne - 10 de dezembro de 2005

The interview of an elected official of a township in Auvergne starts with an immediate reaction to the idea of human responsibility: "For me it is the feeling of belonging to a group, the feeling that my attitude, my actions can act upon the way the current group and the future human group function. For me, what is done today has repercussions on our world but also on tomorrow’s world, and (...)

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