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14 October 2010 - Regional Activities - Europe
International seminar on Human Responsibility

8 March 2010 - Regional Activities - Europe
Series of Workshops on Responsibility

A Cross-cultural and Multilingual Process -
Responsibility A common key-notion in a world of diversity by Edith SIZOO, 4 October 2008

South Asian Workshop : “Uniting in Responsibilities in a Culture of Rights” At the Centre for Gandhian Studies of Bangalore University 4-5-6 April 2008, Bangalore Position paper by Edith Sizoo (Coordinator International Committee for the Promotion of The Charter of Human Responsibilities) Contents: Cultural diversity of perceptions and practices "Duty" as distinct from "Responsibility” (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
“Uniting in Responsibilities in a Culture of Rights: Locating Possibilities” , 25 July 2008

Introduction Workshop Proceedings Theme I – Philosophical Underpinnings of the Concept of Responsibility THEME II – ‘Cultural and Professional Experiences’ Principle 1 Principle 2 & 10 Principle 3 Principle 4 Principle 5 Principle 6 Principle 7 Principle 8 Principle 9 Concluding Remarks [introduction -] Introduction Humankind now confronts new challenges; in particular, the (...)

Intercultural Research Group -
Intercultural Research Group: Objectives and Output by Edith SIZOO, 24 June 2008

The objectives of the research project are: 1. To understand the ideas associated with "Responsibility" in the 11 languages / cultural contexts of the participants in the project 2. To identify consequences of these understandings for social practices in those cultural contexts 3. To find common elements unfolded in these understandings 4. To contribute to an intercultural dialogue (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Jeeva jaala comprises all animate and inanimate objects by Ramjan Darga, 5 June 2008

This article is philosophical and at the same time related to present practical times. Inspired by the Charter of Human Responsibilities, Ramjan Darga has explored how ‘Basava’ in 12th Century itself emphasized on Responsibility & its practice, which are closely blend with the principles of CHR. This article was published in well known magazine & collection of essays, brought out by (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Defining the Concept of Responsibility , 17 March 2008

This study presents interesting results, clearly showing that the concept of responsibility is quite complex and needs to be attuned to several other concepts, such as those of justice, ethics, or solidarity. The survey yields not only the duty, but also the human right to live in conditions that allow people to exercise responsibility appropriately. For the moment, the study is available in (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Global Corporate Social Responsibility Proposed for 21st Century , 31 January 2008

What does corporate social responsibility mean in a global economy? To whom are international enterprises accountable? And who decides? In the Winter 2008 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review, GERALD F. DAVIS,. MARINA V.N. WHITMAN and MAYER N. ZALD take a look at the meaning of corporate social responsibility in a global economy. Their article considers how approaches towards CSR (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Engaging United States Youth in Peer Dialogue on the Concept of Responsibilities , 23 January 2008

Anugraha John, representing Global Citizens for Sustainable Development and World Youth Water Alliance in partnership with Nina Gregg (Charter of Human Responsibilities- USA), has planned a series of events to engage US youth in peer dialogue on the notion of "Youth Responsibilities in the United States." Activities ranging from presentations, film screenings, discussions, and group (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
The Charter is: by Yolanda ZIAKA, 14 December 2007

The Charter of Human Responsibilities is an international process for discussion and awareness raising on the concept of human responsibility. The project expresses the concept of responsibility, in all of its complexity, through multiple actions on the field. It is a network of individuals and organizations (environmental organizations, groups of journalists, non-violence activists, (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Making Accountability Accountable , 25 June 2007

article by George Lakoff, Glenn W. Smith °° Introduction, by Nina Gregg What does responsibility mean? In this article, George Lakoff, a well-known professor of linguistics at University of California, Berkeley, and author of several influential books (Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think and Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values, Frame the Debate) examines several (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Charter of Human Responsibilities: a tool to build up an alternative society , 13 April 2007

Reflection on the history of social models. This Charter is an emergent document that constitutes an input for a reflection aiming at a project of an alternative society to the present excluding and devastating society. This text precisely comes from a large collective, pluri-cultural and deepened dialog, whose aim is to bring out new fundamental and urgent ethical agreements. Its purpose is (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Youth workshop on responsibilities and the Charter by Anastasia ZAKARIADZE, Tsisso CHIPASHVILI, 13 February 2007

Last November 27, the Georgian team has facilitated a workshop with 14 youth from the "Greening of Georgia" group.

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Forgiveness and Natality by Betsan MARTIN, 5 January 2007

; A Reflection on Responsibility, following the meeting of the International Facilitation Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities, in South Africa, October 2006. The Charter of Human Responsibilities’ meeting in South Africa brought reminders of historical links between South Africa and New Zealand. These had colonial beginnings, included an anti-apartheid movement and a recent (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Chilean society doesn’t see the blinds by Carlos RIVERA, 14 December 2006

Una joven no vidente adhiere a la Carta y la traduce al sistema Braille

Regional Activities - Asia -
A Feminine approach to individual/society interactions by Sudha REDDY, 12 December 2006

An economy at the service of the society. What relationships between Individual and Society? V International Conference PEKEA (Political and Ethical Knowledge on Economic Activities), Dakar, 1 - 3 Dec. 2006. Session on The Woman approach to Individual-Society Interactions

Regional Activities - Asia -
Non-violence as a Responsible Message for Peace and Harmony by Sudha REDDY, 23 November 2006


Regional Activities - Latin America -
Notas para la Reflexión de las Responsabilidades frente a la Integración Latino-Americana by Ricardo JIMENEZ, 24 October 2006

El Bolivarianismo - La encrucijada actual de la integración - La institucionalidad regional - Los obstáculos y las oportunidades

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Evangelical protestants, Ethics and Human Responsibility by Carlos RIVERA, 30 June 2006

Chilean evangelical pastors and laymen give their view on the paper and participation of their church in the present society and the responsibility that is incumbent on them as Christians. (the whole text is in Spanish only)

Understanding the meaning of the Concept of Responsibility, Brazil. , 19 June 2006

Reflection on the Concept of Responsibility, with 11 specialists from different sectors. Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil Duration: June 2005 to March 2006 Objective to work on the meaning of the concept of responsibility and follow looking for interactions with other sectors. Participants: 11 specialists from different sectors. The next step of this research will consist of a public (...)

New challenges… new responsibilities by Edith SIZOO, 31 March 2006

At present, international life is underpinned by two pillars: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which focuses mainly on individuals but also on communities, their dignity and the defence of their rights, and the Charter of the United Nations, which focuses on States, peace between them and development. These two pillars have been a framework for undeniable progress in the (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Africa -
View on key concepts by John STEWART, 20 January 2006

On governance : it is more useful to talk about whether a government and a state is responsible or irresponsible, rather than whether it is strong or weak. What is important is whether whatever power it holds is exercised in a responsible manner or not. In this sense [true or good] leadership is ‘the responsible exercise of power’. But as has been commented many times, in Africa we have rulers (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Philosophy on Responsibility by Betsan MARTIN, 6 January 2006

This contribution on Philosophy on Responsibility comes from discussions with Charter committee members. **Relevance to Charter principles** Every person’s dignity demands that he or she contribute to the freedom and dignity of others. In the flowering of the human personality, its non-material aspirations as well as its material needs must be addressed. The Charter principles may need to (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Interview of an Environmental Activist in Greece by Yolanda ZIAKA, 10 December 2005

Following is the report of an interview with a Greek man, 57, married, father of two, architect, employed in the sector. Since his youth, this man has been active in social and political movements, but he has never sought a position o leadership in the groups to which he belongs. He is fairly often called upon by the local media - local radio and television - to comment on the current news (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Circulation of the Charter in Italy: Interview of a Health Professional by Jean-Paul BRAUX, 10 December 2005

Following is an interview by Francesco Tabacco of Mrs. Irene Mariella, in Florence, Italy. Mrs. Mariella is 51 and works as an obstetrician for the Italian national health service in Florence. She lives in the center of Florence with her partner, who has a girl, 18. She supports a child in India, which she adopted "at distance." The discussion revolved around the questions in the (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Circulation of the Charter in France: Interview of an Elected Official of a Township in Auvergne by Jean-Paul BRAUX, 10 December 2005

The interview of an elected official of a township in Auvergne starts with an immediate reaction to the idea of human responsibility: "For me it is the feeling of belonging to a group, the feeling that my attitude, my actions can act upon the way the current group and the future human group function. For me, what is done today has repercussions on our world but also on tomorrow’s world, and (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Social Learning as a Source of Responsibility: An Austrian Trainer’s View by Betty NGUYEN, 10 December 2005

Following is the report of an interview with Thomas Mann, 36, sociologist and trainer involved in trans-European citizen networks. When I met Thomas, I explained to him the general approach for the facilitation of the Charter process, but due to lack of time, he completed the questionnaire through electronic channels. The interview was based on the questionnaire written by the Charter’s (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Education as a Way to Responsibility by Nacéra AKNAK KHAN, 10 December 2005

What is responsibility? For Thérèse, responsibility is expressed through a personal commitment to not to cut oneself off from the environment, the planet, and one’s immediate surroundings. Being responsible requires active participation as a citizen. It is also to be aware of all others. It is indeed difficult to build your own happiness without thinking of others’. Everyone is connected. For (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
The "Imperative of Responsibility" According to Hans Jonas by Yolanda ZIAKA, 6 November 2005

In his book "The Imperative of Responsibility," published in 1979, the German philosopher Hans Jonas pleads for the extreme emergency to give ourselves an ethics for technological civilization based on "the imperative of responsibility." His theory starts from the finding that the promise of modern technology has turned into a threat of disaster: science confers to man previously unknown (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Understanding the Meaning of the Concept of Responsibility , 28 October 2005

Reflection on the concept of responsibility, with 11 specialists from different sectors. Location: São Paulo, Brazil When: June 2005 to March 2006 Objective: to work on the meaning of the concept of responsibility and follow looking for interactions with other sectors.

Regional Activities - Asia -
On the concepts of responsibility by Noli ALCANTARA ABINALES, 26 September 2005

There are three concepts of the Charter of Human Responsibilities which caught my attention. First, the notion of responsibility. Hindsight and current experiences manifest the various potentials and opportunities to spread this notion of responsibility. This is even more pervasive in the peripheral communities where I do community work. Given the ample resources, passion and sincerity of (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Aware Responsibility, Unconscious Irresponsibility, Chile. by Carlos RIVERA, 17 April 2005

A Chilean journalist describes the critical state of the individual and social responsibilities in today’s society of Chile from the individuals behaviour. (The whole document only exists in the Spanish version of this article)

Regional Activities - North Africa and the Middle East -
Some remarks on the term "Responsibility" in an Arab context by Ziad MAJED, 17 April 2005

Responsibility and Victimisation - Responsibility, participation and change - Generations and local and international responsibilities - Collective responsibility and the search for individuality

Regional Activities - North Africa and the Middle East -
Objectives and activities by Amina RACHID, 4 January 2005

A sociological study - A documentary film.


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