Publicado em 19 de junho de 2006
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Understanding the meaning of the Concept of Responsibility, Brazil.

Reflection on the Concept of Responsibility, with 11 specialists from different sectors. Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil Duration: June 2005 to March 2006


to work on the meaning of the concept of responsibility and follow looking for interactions with other sectors. Participants: 11 specialists from different sectors. The next step of this research will consist of a public consultation on the concept of Responsibility (IPAZ). Also, Hamilton Faria, from Polis Institute, is organizing a process on "the Responsibility of the artists" that will soon be presented on the Artists Alliance web site. Methodology: Delphi Method - Exploratory group dynamics (June 2005), consolidation of the thematic analysis (September 2005), results (1st step), Public Debates (2d step, March 2006).

Results (1st step)

- Responsibility: a multidimensional concept
- Responsibility: a phenomenon in spiral
- Responsibility: a learned practice
- Responsibility: an evolutionary process
- Responsibility: a militant action
- Responsibility and it relationship with Ethics, Justice, Solidarity and Human Rights
- Human responsibility and Media: A Question of Power.

"Acting responsible is not enough, we also need to redefine these responsibilities in their different individual, collective and planetary dimensions." In general, responsibility is expressed through behaviors as: strengthening human development, giving oneself to the other day by day, working at the family, neighborhood and city levels.

Collective of authors
contact : IPAZ www.ipaz.org , Charter of Human Responsibilities http://www.charter-human-responsibilities.net, Alliance 21 www.alliance21.org (Detailed Reflexion in the Portuguese version of this article)


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