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8 March 2010
Calling for collaboration: creating educational material

10 December 2009
Workshop on Values and Responsibilities

Audio & Video

Calling for collaboration: creating educational material by Yolanda ZIAKA - 8 March 2010

If you are interested in this project, welcome to our team! The Charter team for southern Europe, in collaboration with the International Network for Environmental Education Polis, based in (...)

Global Citizen’s Climate Change and Water Film Festival to Visit Nine US Campuses by Nina GREGG - 4 May 2009

The Climate Change and Water Film Festival, a project of the Charter of Human Responsibilities and Global Citizens for Sustainable Development, will visit nine university and college campuses in (...)

Leave or die by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF - 27 March 2008

A video (in French) on immigration, its motivation, risks,... There are certain slogans you are likely to have heard the young people of Senegal using over the last three years: “barsa mba (...)

A Message of Peace - 12 March 2008

These three videos were broadcast on all the Lebanese TV channels in 2007. It is a message of peace, against the civil war, broadcast on the occasion of the Beirut book fair and the publication (...)

On the Road to a Citizens Assembly - Chile, May 2007 by Gustavo MARIN - 15 October 2007

Video made by partners from the NGO ’Traversées’, during the preparatory Citizens Assembly of the South Cone, last April, in Antofagasta, Chile.

The Charter with background rap music, in Wolof, French and English! by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF - 13 March 2007

To help the youth taking over the Charter principles and disseminating it around them through music.

Video production on the Charter of Human Responsibilities by Pinky CASTELO CUPINO - 25 June 2006

The video production was done in conjunction with the Teacher Training (see article ’Ethics and Responsibilities in the Teaching Profession’). It is entitled Alay sa Mundo, meaning ’Offering to the (...)

The Video Documentary – Iraya Mangyan: Responses to the Challenges of the Times - 4 July 2005

by OTRADEV Working Group.

Report on Activities in the Video Production and Charter Dissemination by Aleli BAWAGAN - 4 July 2005

Submitted by Aleli Bawagan, Project Coordinator OTRADEV January 2005 Four OTRADEV members started brainstorming on a possible project to promote the charter on human responsibilities in March (...)

Informative and educative tools and strategies by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF - 17 April 2005

Folders, tapes, workshops, public conferences... Download the Charter document in Wolof, and listen to the Charter song in wolof!

A Video about the Charter in two editions by Isis de PALMA - 6 April 2005

The first edition made in April was first made for the Seminar on Governance and it was necessary to start listening people about the video language, about the principles and how to transform the (...)
Cards, flyers...

Public presentation of the children book “the treasures of the earth” by Yolanda ZIAKA - 20 March 2009

The book « the treasures of the earth » is a fairy tale on our common responsibility for environment, written by Yolanda Ziaka. The children of a Greek school and those participating in a (...)

Handicapped Children Manufacturing Bags by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI - 8 December 2008

My friend Margret Wegmann, representing a small German organization of volunteers that helps handicapped children in Georgia, and myself had the idea of helping handicapped children to be (...)

Communicating through Objects by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI - 8 December 2008

The following tools displaying the Charter logo and its Website address are distributed to participants during workshops, meetings, and conferences. ; Calendar ; Multiplication tables ; Pens (...)

Earlier version of the Charter: A poster with the 10 principles - 7 May 2007

(This is the earlier version. The revised version of the Charter, from November 2007, is available in the ’Charter Text’ section)

The poster of the Charter in Georgian - 17 April 2007

A New Brochure Available! by Nina GREGG - 1 December 2006

; The brochure is designed as an invitation, to welcome and encourage participation in the Charter project throughout the US. The section "What You Can Do" offers examples of activities that (...)

Earlier version : an information brochure by Cécile SABOURIN - 9 June 2005

(The latest version of the Charter - from end 2007 - is available in the ’Charter text’ section) Tool created by the Canadian Charter Committee. " Meeting makes the connection; the written word (...)

Informative and educative tools and strategies by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF - 17 April 2005

Folders, tapes, workshops, public conferences... Download the Charter document in Wolof, and listen to the Charter song in wolof!
Interactive Documents

Workshop on Values and Responsibilities - 10 December 2009

Brief presentation This methodological tool for debates can be very useful to help groups identifying local issues and define the values that are behind political interests that can impact on (...)

Air - 7 December 2009

The booklet about air (pdf) details the specific composition of the atmosphere, which gave air its capability to retain the right amount of heat from solar radiation to enable life on earth. (...)

Water - 7 December 2009

This booklet (pdf) demonstrates the importance of water in all life-cycles and provokes debate about how this precious liquid is threatened by problems such as pollution, deforestation and global (...)

Earth - 7 December 2009

This booklet (pdf) brings up the question of biodiversity. Beyond proposing ways to respect all species of life and to understand the threats they face, this text encourages debate about the (...)

Fire - 7 December 2009

For human societies, fire brings energy to fuel our lives, amplify our strength and our work, and to facilitate our transportation. The booklet about fire (pdf) gives explanations about sources, (...)

Climate Challenge: Earth’s future is in your hands - 29 April 2009

An online game (requires flash plugin) where "you are president of the European Nations. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office". The (...)

News from the Charter in Bolivia by José Gerald Rodrigo Tórrez Jordán - 3 February 2009

We have published the first issue of a bimonthly newspaper called Qhapaq Ñan: Integrando comunidades al sur (- integrating communities in the South). This media becomes the base to diffuse and (...)

Methodological booklet for action and reflection on the Charter by Diego ESCOBAR - 26 July 2008

Presentation on a methodological booklet: Working experience with the Charter of Responsibilities in Colombia A path for the exercise of responsibilities – with this title, this publication (...)

Using the Charter of Human Responsibilities for Sustainability Education by Nina GREGG - 31 January 2008

Nina Gregg and Rachel Trajber took part in the November 2007 annual conference of the North American Association of Environmental Educators. The conference, which was attended by more than a (...)

Ecological Footprints: How to Reduce our Impact on Earth? by Yolanda ZIAKA - 22 October 2007

Publication: Act Responsible (Issue N°1) The series of booklets « Act Responsible » aims at presenting innovative and concrete tools and ideas, for a day-to-day responsible action. The first issue (...)

A questionnaire: a tool for a first inventory on responsibilities in Georgia by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI - 30 November 2006

The plan was to work out a questionnaire tailored to the situation in Georgia, then to identify target groups and find out what people think about responsibility and being responsible. Using the (...)

Research on the notion of responsibility – a questionnaire by Amina RACHID - 23 September 2005

This bilingual questionnaire (English-Arabic) was drawn up with an Egyptian audience, but it can easily be transposed and used in other political and sociocultural (...)

A standard questionnaire for a debate on responsibilities - 23 September 2005

This tool was created by the European Committee of the Charter

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