Responsibility of the Youth for the Environment

The Responsibility of the Youth Project started in July 2, 2005 with the objective of promoting environmental responsibility among the youth leaders, pre-schoolers and their parents in the local government of U.P. (University of the Philippines) Village in Quezon City, Philippines. After four months of weekly classroom activities facilitated by nine youth leaders among twenty pre-schoolers, the project culminated with a closing program on October 15, 2005. Guest of honor was the barangay chairperson Virgilio Ferrer III.

In the closing program, the barangay chairperson read the awards given to the U.P. Village Youth Council by the Quezon City government during its 3rd Youth Achievers award held October 5, 2005. These awards were for Exemplary Community Service and Environmental Management Awards.

The closing program were highlighted by songs and dances of the young people celebrating environmental responsibility. Copies of the Charter of Human Responsibilities were distributed to parents and leaders who attended the ceremony.

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Methodology por Pinky CASTELO CUPINO, 17 de março de 2006

Educating Youth on environment

Environmental Management - Exemplary Service to Community por Bebelyn GARCIA, 24 de outubro de 2005

The U.P. Village Youth Council received citations for its RESPONSABLENG KABATAAN PROJECT (Responsibility of the Youth) during the 3rd Quezon City Youth Achievers Awards for: ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT EXEMPLARY SERVICE TO COMMUNITY

Plan of activities por Divine ANCENO, Edralina de la CRUZ, 26 de setembro de 2005

Schedule from July to November 2005 July 2, 9 am organizational meeting (list review, letter-invitation, budget) July 9, 5 am to 5 pm meeting with young people and discussion of Charter curriculum planning meeting and training of tutors July 10, 3-5 pm meeting with the parents, discussion of Charter July 16, 9-11 am group dynamics, getting-to-know each other Leaf-printing with (...)

Background and objectives por Divine ANCENO, 13 de setembro de 2005

Objectives The general objective is to develop the community involvement of young people by educating themselves and younger children in responsibility and other positive values. Specific Objectives To create opportunities for teenagers to complement the education of grades 1 and 2 students from underprivileged communities in U.P. Village. To develop the love for learning of twenty (...)

Mid-project report : Learnings por Divine ANCENO, Edralina de la CRUZ, 26 de agosto de 2005

Children, Youth, and a teacher express what they have been learning during the program.

Youth Leaders Participants , 25 de agosto de 2005

1. Marife Buque 2. Maorinna Canta 3. Jerry C. Basilio 4. Rachel Rosales 5. Mary Grace Fernandez 6. Maria Kristina Moncera 7. Bebelyn Garcia 8. Divine Anceno, 9. Karl Edgar C. Cupino

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