Publicado em 13 de setembro de 2005
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Background and objectives

por Divine ANCENO

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The Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) is the local government unit of the youth at the smallest political subdivision in the Philippines. Sangguniang Kabataan is Filipino for Youth Assembly. This is the first project the Charter Facilitation Project is doing with a government entity.
These days, very few young people are involved with the community. A big majority have to be awakened, politicized, if you will, so that they will show concern on social, political, economic, environmental issues of the day.
This project shall pilot community involvement, community responsibility, with emphasis on environmental responsibility. Similar projects can then be replicated in other areas.


The general objective is to develop the community involvement of young people by educating themselves and younger children in responsibility and other positive values.

Specific Objectives

  1. To create opportunities for teenagers to complement the education of grades 1 and 2 students from underprivileged communities in U.P. Village.
  2. To develop the love for learning of twenty students aged six to eight years old by using visual, auditory, kinetic and creative stimuli.
  3. To develop respect and responsibility towards the community and the environment.

The youth leaders act as teacher aides to the children aged 4 to 8 years old. A professional teacher prepares the modules, and facilitates the learning activities. At the end of the session, the teacher meets with the youth leaders who write down their reflection on each session particularly with regards to environmental and community responsibility.


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