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21 June 2010

7 December 2007
International children conference for the environment - Brasil 2010

The Union of South American Nations, the Charter of Human Responsibility and Governance in South America - 12 August 2006, by Isis de PALMA

The proposal was presented at the FSM 2005 (World Social Forum) and subsequently registered within the “Mural of Proposals”. ON December 8, 2004, in Cuzco, Peru, the Union of South American Nations officially created a form of governance that was inspired by the European Union, which in turn is counting on the support of most of the countries of the continent. Although it was depreciated by three world leaders - Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay chose not to attend the celebration - the (...)

Re-enchanting the World - 23 June 2005, by Gustavo MARIN

Latin American Meeting on Culture, Ethics and Responsibility Santiago, January 17 2005 Paper by Gustavo Marin•, at a Latin American Meeting On Culture, Ethics and Responsibility Santiago, January 17 2005 Fifty years ago, in 1955, Nelson Mandela and those who were in the liberation movement with him held the Congress of the People in Kliptown, a poor neighbourhood located in Cape City. About 3000 South African people attended and there they wrote down the Freedom Charter. At the beginning (...)

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