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Columbia 2007: A Series of Workshops and Working Papers por Diego ESCOBAR, 18 de março de 2008

With the support of the Valle Sector Forum and Cinep (Center for Investigation and Popular Education), we organized several workshops in the Cauca Valley and Baranquilla (on youth development) which attracted several dozen people. Various other meetings were held to promote the Charter: in Bogotá (with the community canteens), Buenaventura and Puerto Tejada (Valle Forum). We also met up with (...)

Rebuilding the Community, Educational, and Political Processes of Community Dining Halls: A Challenge for the Consolidation of a Public Food Policy , 29 de março de 2007

In the city of Bogotá, the current district administration has promoted the development of a “Bogotá Without Hunger” program. One of the components of the program is the institution of community dining halls. In the town Rafael Uribe Uribe an important initiative for the beneficiaries of the program was building the Network of Community Dining Halls, Redecom, which facilitated the articulation (...)

Seven lessons learned from the Charter of Human Responsibilities’ process in Colombia in 2006 por Diego ESCOBAR, Tania Patiño, 6 de março de 2007

Evaluation The Colombian team of the Charter worked in 2006 on an internal reflection analysis on the concept of responsibility and the importance to put it in practice in the Colombian context, and on the dissemination of the Charter and the development of processes emphasising three sectors in three regions of the country: the youth, citizen leaders and women. Thanks to a collaboration (...)

Activities in 2004 and results por Claire LAUNAY, Diego ESCOBAR, 19 de abril de 2005

Initial results of the work 1. The Cauca Valley Women’s Charter of Responsibilities 2. Establishment of a Charter steering group in Cali, called the Initiative Network for a Responsible Citizenship. One of its main objectives is to get together with other social groups and unite through action and reflection over the notion of responsibility. 3. Setting up of a Charter (...)

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