7 May 2010 - Regional Activities - Asia
Symposium on "CHR to Promote the Culture of Responsibilities in Nepal"

30 January 2010 - Regional Activities - Southern Pacific
A visit to Vanuatu

Regional Activities - Asia -
Statement of "NGO for Protecting Women’s and Children’s Rights" Against Execution , 21 October 2008

Children execution that is organized by the sentence of the court of justice, under the pretext of justice, is the biggest crime by itself. Children execution and retaliation in this country, is like ignoring the disappointing realities and terrible conditions in our society and humanity will never forgive us because of our silence We, as the members of NGO for protecting children’s rights, (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Beauty humiliated? Or humiliation beautified? , 12 July 2007

Being a woman in Iran today

Regional Activities - Asia -
A Feminine approach to individual/society interactions by Sudha REDDY, 12 December 2006

An economy at the service of the society. What relationships between Individual and Society? V International Conference PEKEA (Political and Ethical Knowledge on Economic Activities), Dakar, 1 - 3 Dec. 2006. Session on The Woman approach to Individual-Society Interactions

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Women’s workshop – Kotare, August 06 by Betsan MARTIN, 5 December 2006

In New Zealand there is a centre called Kotare that works for social transformation. It holds workshops on many topics such as green economics, globalization, relations with indigenous people and sewage management. Providing an opportunity for structural and social analysis with young activists is an emphasis of the centre. An intergenerational gathering of women was held in August. We (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Africa -
Stand up for your rights by François OST, 26 July 2006

RESPONSIBILITY, JUSTICE AND AIDS - "A matter of human rights and dignity" Description of an important mobilization in South Africa to fight against AIDS, violence made to women, for human dignity and human rights. Common but differentiated responsibilities: responsibility of the patient, the circle, the civil society associations, the South-African government, the international community. (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Activities in 2004 and results by Claire LAUNAY, Diego ESCOBAR, 19 April 2005

Initial results of the work 1. The Cauca Valley Women’s Charter of Responsibilities 2. Establishment of a Charter steering group in Cali, called the Initiative Network for a Responsible Citizenship. One of its main objectives is to get together with other social groups and unite through action and reflection over the notion of responsibility. 3. Setting up of a Charter (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Women empowerment by Sudha REDDY, 6 April 2005

The Women workshop Based on the methodology and strategies we had defined, in September we initiated leadership training workshops for women, keeping the principles of the Charter as the core values of a democratic leadership. To begin with, we held workshops for 250 literate and illiterate women belonging to various castes, religious and linguistic communities. It was an edifying (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Africa -
Activities achieved in 2003 and 2004 by John STEWART, 6 April 2005

This process started in November 2003, with meetings with members of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum and the Womens Coalition. Some regional inroads – contacts - were made during the Southern African Social Forum held in Lusaka in December 2003. Following the decision relating to the budget in early 2004, and responses from the various sectors met with (including labour, the local (...)

Regional Activities - West Africa -
The Charter as seen by women by Ama ESSO, Markoua DADJO, 4 January 2005

Using the Charter of Human Responsibilities for the promotion of gender awareness and equality between men and women in Africa: dialogues organised by a group of women

Regional Activities - Asia -
2004: A Diversified approach to diffuse the Charter in India by Sudha REDDY, 4 January 2005

Activities in 2004 - Translating the Charter texts: We have printed 1,000 copies each in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, the four south Indian regional languages, and distributed 300 to 500 copies in these four languages as well as in Hindi and Marathi (...)


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