5 May 2010 - Regional Activities - North America
Social Forums and People’s Assemblies in the USA

8 January 2010
Book: Essay on Oeconomy

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Notes on globalization, citizenship and social movements , 18 November 2008

Article written by Claire Launay: in this text Francisco Gutiérrez analyzes the features and changes of the concept "citizenship" in a globalized context. You can download the complete document below (in Spanish).

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Human Alternative by Luis Eduardo Gama, 18 November 2008

Text from a conference proposed in the framework of a forum on responsibilities organized by a group of social organizations of Cali, Colombia, in May 2005. The author is Luis Eduardo Gama, professor of philosophy at the National University of Bogotá. You can download the complete document below (in (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Methodological booklet for action and reflection on the Charter by Diego ESCOBAR, 26 July 2008

Presentation on a methodological booklet: Working experience with the Charter of Responsibilities in Colombia A path for the exercise of responsibilities – with this title, this publication presents in a straight forward and practical way the road map for those who want to understand or study, promote and build the social utility of exercising human responsibilities in diverse contexts and (...)

Forum for a new World Governance , 10 June 2008

Each passing day increases the feeling dramatically that a system of world governance is vitally needed, which respects all human beings, all that is living, and the planet as a whole. To act, we have to think, we have to make viable, applicable proposals, now. More than ever, we need to facilitate the convergence of all the thinking and the emergence of the proposals drawn from all cultures. (...)

Regional Activities - West Africa -
Conjugating the Charter in West Africa by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF, 13 February 2008

In the 2006 Report we had stated, “One of our major concerns was to avoid that work on the Charter should make sure it would not appear as an abstract philosophical theory that could only be understood by those who are accustomed to this kind of thinking. So we had to review our approach so as not to fall on discussions that only insiders would be interested (...)

Regional Activities - North America -

The United States Social Forum brought more than 10,000 social justice activists to Atlanta, Georgia June 27-July 1, 2007 for workshops, strategy sessions, networking, a film festival, and other cultural events. Intended to be “more than a conference, more than a networking bonanza, more than a reaction to war and repression,” the first US Social Forum was organized with a commitment to “send (...)

Education to an active and responsible citizenship , 17 June 2007

Proposal paper (first approach) and experience files (selection of practices).

Regional Activities - Latin America -
On the Road to a Regional Citizens Assembly in 2010 , 29 April 2007

General objective The overall objective is to start up a collective thinking process on the future of the region as part of the planet. Such a process, using a variety of methods, is intended to achieve considerably greater density in discussions, dialog, networking, thinking, cooperation, programs, and joint actions among the different social, cultural, and political actors of Chile, (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Rebuilding the Community, Educational, and Political Processes of Community Dining Halls: A Challenge for the Consolidation of a Public Food Policy , 29 March 2007

In the city of Bogotá, the current district administration has promoted the development of a “Bogotá Without Hunger” program. One of the components of the program is the institution of community dining halls. In the town Rafael Uribe Uribe an important initiative for the beneficiaries of the program was building the Network of Community Dining Halls, Redecom, which facilitated the articulation (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Internal discussions by Diego ESCOBAR, 9 December 2006

In the framework of the convention, 6 meetings were hold between the organizations of the regional platform created to socialize the information on the Charter. Some of these meetings devoted to a debate on the basis of several texts from the Alliance for a plural, responsible and socially responsible world, allowing to better locate and understand the whole process that was at the start of (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
A Citizens’ Pact to Strengthen Public Management and Active Citizenship in Puerto Tejada, Cauca , 7 June 2006

A municipal-administration and citizens’ commitment. The result of a working process with a group of citizens coordinated by the social organization Foro por Colombia, Valle Chapter, and supported by the CINEP, the Citizens’ Pact to Strengthen Public Management and Active Citizenship is a symbol for the community of Puerto Tejada. For three months (January-March 2006), a group of thirty (...)

Regional Activities - North Africa and the Middle East -
Lebanon in 2005, illustration of citizens responsibility by Ziad MAJED, 4 January 2006

Narrative report on the events in 2005 in the country and the activities developed in the philosophy of the Charter.

Global Activities -
World Social Forum: listening and discussing on responsibilities by Lydia NICOLLET, 27 July 2005

A group of members of the Charter regional Committees along with partners were in Porto Alegre, Brazil, at the 2005 Word Social Forum. We were there to listen, participate to workshops and for some to facilitate them, to discuss on the Charter of Human Responsibilities and diffuse it. The workshops have been an opportunity to introduce the ongoing process of the Charter, to allow a debate on (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Charter of Human responsibilities in Colombia: a strategy for empowering civil society by Claire LAUNAY, Diego ESCOBAR, 2 June 2005

Lille, December 2001: the text of a Charter for Human responsibilities is presented to 400 citizens from 120 countries and 25 social and professional backgrounds during the closing ceremony of the World Assembly organised by the Alliance for a Plural, Responsible and United World. Ethics, individual and collective responsibility, dignity, sustainable peace and common good are at the root of (...)

Regional Activities - West Africa -
The Charter and public responsibilities in Togo by Gaetan SYMFAYA, Markoua DADJO, 4 January 2005

Reinforcing public responsibilities in Togo through the Charter of human responsibilities (meeting of July 24th 2004)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The University of the 21st century will be socially responsible, responsible and united or will not be by Pierre CALAME, 26 July 2004

It will have to be built on a new contract with the society. Its creation requires a strategy for a networked change. ("Université 21 "International Conference, Brasilia, Brazil, November 2003. Introduction in plenary by Pierre Calame) (document available in French only, see the French version of this (...)


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