Publicado em 4 de janeiro de 2005
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The Charter and public responsibilities in Togo

Togolese civil society organisations have set up an agenda for reinforcing the responsibilities of the various players of Togo public affairs. Furthermore, in accordance with the agreement between GARED and FPH, Charter promotion activities have been supported financially in Senegal and Benin.

NGOs and Togolese civil society organisations took part in this meeting. Characteristics of Togo public and political affairs:

- A President in power since 1967, who finds it difficult to adapt to democracy-based constitutional rules;
- A strong presence of the former single party, party in power in national administration;
- Opponent political sectors incapable of uniting to present common perspectives;
- A domination of military power over national politics.

Consequences of this situation are: a dramatic pauperisation, a strain in national political debates, and co-operation with international institutions (European Union, World Bank, IMF, etc.) suspended due to lack of democracy and human rights abuses. The danger of social implosion due these circumstances is extremely high. Confronted with this situation, Togolese civil society organisations launch an appeal to all actors in public affairs to assume their responsibilities.

That the political class:

- Develops an ethics of responsibility and ‘accountability’;
- Has transparent practices;
- Prevents impunity that arises from the complicity of those in power;
- Initiates a high-level political debate.

It is up to the opponent political class to make the democracy so desired by the people into a reality.

That civil society organisations:

- Campaign for a separation of executive and legislative powers in order to institute justice which is fair and respects human dignity and rights;
- Campaign for a transparent and indisputable voting system;
- Organise and maintain ongoing dialogue with the state on national and international issues. In short, a new sense of citizenship needs to be invented.

It is the role of religious institutions to get involved in campaigns against corruption, impunity and injustice.


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