Publicado em 8 de janeiro de 2010
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Book: Essay on Oeconomy

Essay on Oeconomy, by Pierre Calame

“How can we change the unviable model of development into a lasting society?”

This is the fundamental question that raises Pierre Calame in his latest essay, which he claims to be an “intellectual progression and exploration”. There is thus no pretention of giving answers, but a will to debate on a few proposals and principles he believes to be essential to find the way to another development mode.

Pierre Calame is not a scholar, but a practitioner, who took the time to study the stakes of our epoch. We feel powerless in front of these stakes, he explains in the introduction, for there are no concrete proposals to solve the problems.

His problematic is the same than the one of the IRE: “Our system of production and trade and our economic theory are actually the heart of the problem”. It is thus natural for the IRE to help developing and spreading the ideas and proposals that the author formulates at the end of his book.

For more details: i-r-e.org


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