Publicado el 19 de junio de 2006
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Publication: "Interpretation of Contemporary Civilizations and the Charter of Human Responsibilities"

This book was edited and published in Chinese in 2006, with 2000 copies in circulation.
It collects articles from 26 authors on the Charter and the text of the Charter itself. Such a book explains the meaning of the profound concerns of the Charter. The book is to be broadly distributed in the book market.

Content of the book

- Rethinking in A New Stage of Human Civilization – Zhao Yifeng
- Charter of Human Responsibilities – The Charter Committee
- Concept, Content and Drafting Process of the Charter of Human Responsibilities – The Charter Committee

Transcendence of the Globalization and Development: Towards a Social World or An Imperial World – Edgar Morin

The Meaning of Resistance – Edgar Morin

Choosing Peace – Michel Rocard

Sustainable Development and New Thinking – Pierre Calame

Democracies in pieces – Pierre Calame

World Citizen Movement – Gustave Massiah

New Universalism – Jean Chesneaux

Responsibility: Guardians of Life – Betsan Martin

The Fading away and the Coming yet – Huang Wangsheng

A Group of Essays on Pierre Calame’s Crashing Democracies – Chen Chao, Li Yuan and Chen Jiajing

Modern Racism: A Preface to The Origin of Racism – Qin Hui

Cultural Criticism and Cultural Self Consciousness – Chen Yan Say “Yes” to Life – Yu Shuo

Cultures and Responsibility – Edith Sizoo

Building the Third Pillar for Human Values – Chen Yan

Looking for Human: Essays about the First World Citizen Conference – Yu Shuo

Recognition of the Diversity of Cultures – Qin Hui

Dream and Reality, On the First World Citizen Conference – Tang Xiaodu

The Unfinished Charter of Human Responsibilities – Zhang Xiaojun

New Perspectives on the Conmunication between Civilizations – Yu Shuo

Responsibility, Reason, and Romance – Zhang Wei

Enlightenment Reasons: Principle, Difficulty, and Retrospection – Xie Jindong

Concepts of “Responsibility” in Traditional Chinese Culture – Yan Lu

Forum of Asian Civilizations and the Charter of Human Responsibilities – Organizer


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