Publié le 4 janvier 2005
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For budget reasons, we had to first focus on a few essential short term objectives, while the general orientation is much wider. We are already preparing the way to achieve the middle and long term objectives.

Short term objectives

- Translating the Charter into Chinese, with the purpose to "convey its content and meaning in a way suitable to Chinese cultural context" and "transmit the main common ideas into a whole range of texts in local languages produced in consultation with local groups". Thus to develop a Chinese adapted version of the Charter.

- Conducting reinterpretation of the context of the Charter from a Chinese perspective concerning its culture, values, tradition, and current challenges.

- Producing printed and other materials for the general public.

Middle and long term objectives

- Getting the Chinese public full aware of the key concepts, core principles, and framework of the Charter.

- Providing opportunities for people to involve in international communication and exchanges that related to the Charter.

- Participating in joint efforts of promoting the Charter in Asia-Pacific region and over the world.


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