Teachers and Advocates discussing on the Charter

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Using video in a workshop por Pinky CASTELO CUPINO, 17 de março de 2006

Ten social development workers from OTRADEV met in September 3, 2005, to discuss the Charter of Human Responsibility. A print-out of the Charter was distributed to the group. The group reflected on the relevance of the Charter with their experience as social development workers. Then the group viewed a second time the video-documentary on how the Iraya Mangyans exercised responsibilities (...)

Activities and discussions on the Charter por Aleli BAWAGAN, 6 de janeiro de 2006

Seminar-Workshop on “The Charter of Human Responsibility” among Teachers in Northern Mindoro and Advocates of Mangyan Rights and Welfare. Organization for Training, Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (OTRADEV). As coordinated by Aleli Bawagan

Reflections on the Charter of Human Responsibilities por Marilou CERILLA, Pinky CASTELO CUPINO, 28 de setembro de 2005

Organization for Training, Research and Development (OTRADEV) Foundation. The Charter of Human Responsibilities was first presented to the members of OTRADEV in April 2004 at the University of the Philippines lagoon grounds. In that gathering, the members gave their consent to get involved in the promotion of the Charters principles through a video-documentation project focusing on how the (...)

Background, objectives and schedule por Ruben MARTINEZ, 30 de junho de 2005

Following the video documentary production “Iraya: The Charter of Human Responsibility” produced by OTRADEV Foundation, the next step is to use it as a tool for diffusion and debates. To succeed in this objective, there is a need to provide guidance to the educators. The project aims to contribute in the popularization of the concept of human responsibility through teacher’s seminars and (...)

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