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8 March 2010 - Regional Activities - Europe
Calling for collaboration: creating educational material

4 May 2009 - Regional Activities - North America
Global Citizen’s Climate Change and Water Film Festival to Visit Nine US Campuses

Regional Activities - West Africa -
Leave or die by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF, 27 March 2008

A video (in French) on immigration, its motivation, risks,... There are certain slogans you are likely to have heard the young people of Senegal using over the last three years: “barsa mba barsaq” (Barcelona or death), “mbëkkmi” (break down the borders), “dem walla de” (leave or die). They try to reach Europe via the Atlantic Ocean in their thousands, risking their lives in the most basic of small (...)

Regional Activities - North Africa and the Middle East -
A Message of Peace , 12 March 2008

These three videos were broadcast on all the Lebanese TV channels in 2007. It is a message of peace, against the civil war, broadcast on the occasion of the Beirut book fair and the publication in Arabic of the book by Samir Kassir on the Lebanese war. The message in the videos is one of refusal of pure chance: we can avoid suffering a new civil war if we understand the reasons of the (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
On the Road to a Citizens Assembly - Chile, May 2007 by Gustavo MARIN, 15 October 2007

Video made by partners from the NGO ’Traversées’, during the preparatory Citizens Assembly of the South Cone, last April, in Antofagasta, Chile.

Regional Activities - West Africa -
The Charter with background rap music, in Wolof, French and English! by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF, 13 March 2007

To help the youth taking over the Charter principles and disseminating it around them through music.

Regional Activities - Asia -
Video production on the Charter of Human Responsibilities by Pinky CASTELO CUPINO, 25 June 2006

The video production was done in conjunction with the Teacher Training (see article ’Ethics and Responsibilities in the Teaching Profession’). It is entitled Alay sa Mundo, meaning ’Offering to the Earth’, and was produced by the Regional Charter Team with the Center for Positive Futures. This video was presented to 40 teachers and a discussion on the Charter followed rooted in their vision and (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
The Video Documentary – Iraya Mangyan: Responses to the Challenges of the Times , 4 July 2005

by OTRADEV Working Group.

Regional Activities - Asia -
Report on Activities in the Video Production and Charter Dissemination by Aleli BAWAGAN, 4 July 2005

Submitted by Aleli Bawagan, Project Coordinator OTRADEV January 2005 Four OTRADEV members started brainstorming on a possible project to promote the charter on human responsibilities in March 2003. Since almost half of the life of OTRADEV as a non-government organization was spent with the Iraya Mangyans, the indigenous peoples of Mindoro Island, the ideas raised were mainly in cooperation (...)

Regional Activities - West Africa -
Informative and educative tools and strategies by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF, 17 April 2005

Folders, tapes, workshops, public conferences... Download the Charter document in Wolof, and listen to the Charter song in wolof!

Regional Activities - Latin America -
A Video about the Charter in two editions by Isis de PALMA, 6 April 2005

The first edition made in April was first made for the Seminar on Governance and it was necessary to start listening people about the video language, about the principles and how to transform the video into a better instrument to work with the Charter. This video is in Portuguese. You can download below the script of the video translated into English (the video with English subtitles will (...)


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