Publicado em 4 de janeiro de 2005
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Challenges: indifference and misunderstanding


Although many people responded seriously, more people seem apparently not attracted by the presentation of the Charter. The main reason of this phenomenon is that most people are busy in China for more material objectives. Working people have to work hard making their living; the middle class, which is a new but important social group, is much concentrated to its brighter future ahead. The economy has been providing a lot of opportunities for people in China during these years.


There is a big gap between the ideas and concepts coming from the Charter and the common ideology, and we have to admit that our original assessment on the question was smaller than it actually is. There is a common optimism among people whose perspectives on the world are largely inspired from their everyday life, rather than receiving worldwide information and profound thinking. Many challenges sound far away from them.
"Somebody will do something even if there are so many problems" is an answer from many people.


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