Publicado em 4 de janeiro de 2005
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2005: Diffusing the initiative in China and Asia

Activities in 2005

Activities in 2005 and the following years

Year 2005 can see the completion of the following:

- A website for the presentation and discussion of the Charter

- Following the diffusion and presentation of the Charter to people

- Holding four more seminars for detailed discussions of the Charter text

- Writing a report of the key issues collected from the presentation and seminars

- Finishing the first two books of the book series and settling the publication deal

- Starting international exchanges within the regional group of Asia and Pacific

After 2005, focus will be given to more publications and international conferences.

Common activities along with the International Facilitation Committee (IFC)

We agreed with Carlos Liberona (member of the IFC for Chile) on setting up a database with the organizations, persons, publications related to key concepts of the Charter.
In addition, regional meetings should be given more consideration.


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