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Activities achieved in 2004

Achievements in 2004

The following work has been done during 2004:

- The translation of the text of the Charter was accomplished in April. Based on the previous Chinese translations done by Yu Shuo (Chinese partner of the Regional Committee living in France) and Zhao Yifeng, this new version became much more adapted and acceptable in terms of wording and conception.

Five thousands copies were printed and distributed to a broad public through individual efforts and in public opportunities.
These opportunities include:

  • the conference of developing countries held in Shaoxing city, which was attended by Pierre Calame himself – director of the FPH (Foundation Charles Leopold Mayer), and other leading scholars from across China;
  • the Indian Movie Week in Guangzhou city, which was attended by Gustavo Marin, Yu Shuo, Makarand (Indian partner of the regional Committee) and a large audience in Guangzhou area;
  • the seminars held in Guangzhou and Changchun separately on the Charter; and during group consultations and questioners for the key concepts of the charter.

Comments on the Chinese version Charter are in the process of analyses for further revisions of the document. These activities produced the basic working text of the Charter to reach people and obtain attention in some key areas and social groups.

These have been the priority in 2004. Other activities were also taken. Among them, the most crucial ones are:

- The setting up of a working team containing 10 people;

- The elaboration of a working plan for a book series. This working plan was based on many contacts and discussions. Also, an intended editing board for the book series was set up, entitled Forum of World Citizen. Among them the following people were contacted: Zhao Yifeng, Yu Shuo, Jin Yan, Shen Zuohong (publisher), Dong Xiaochuan (Professor, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin, China). Members from outside China will be further considered and contacted.

Suggested titles of the book series:
1. Third Pillar: Introduction to the Charter of Human Responsibilities
2. On Human Responsibility
3. Mutual Understanding and Communication of People in the Contemporary World
4. Chinese Values under a Contemporary Global Perspective
5. Civil Society and Rethinking Governance
6. Science and Humanity: Ethic Issues Raised in Modern Development
7. Economical Globalization and Human Globalization
8. Peace: How Would That Be Possible?
9. Alternatives of Development
10. Cultural and Religious Diversity vs. Globalization
11. Nation-state in the Twenty-first Century
12. Forgotten Human beings in Development

The titles may still change. We will produce as many as books planned according to the budget. Part of the authors of these books were present to the seminars we attended and some others are to be further identified.


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