Sustainability Education

Os artigos nesta seção não são traduzidos ainda, você podem lê-los em inglês.

Using the Charter of Human Responsibilities for Sustainability Education por Nina GREGG, 31 de janeiro de 2008

Nina Gregg and Rachel Trajber took part in the November 2007 annual conference of the North American Association of Environmental Educators. The conference, which was attended by more than a thousand teachers, advocates and policy makers, offered workshops, presentations, demonstrations, scholarly papers, roundtables and strategy sessions. Nina and Rachel led a workshop on “Using the Charter (...)

Engaging United States Youth in Peer Dialogue on the Concept of Responsibilities , 23 de janeiro de 2008

Anugraha John, representing Global Citizens for Sustainable Development and World Youth Water Alliance in partnership with Nina Gregg (Charter of Human Responsibilities- USA), has planned a series of events to engage US youth in peer dialogue on the notion of "Youth Responsibilities in the United States." Activities ranging from presentations, film screenings, discussions, and group (...)

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